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Bartender Videos – Bartending 101 and Beyond

These bartending videos cover all aspects of bartending – from how to pour drinks, add mix and garnish to cutting fruit, pouring draft properly and even some cool bar tricks.  So, why go to Bartending School when you can watch bartender tutorial videos and learn bartending online right here?

Below is an updated collection of the latest bartender training videos we offer.  Note that we have tons more bar videos on our YouTube channel


If you’re looking to learn bartending, we suggest you watch these bartending videos and practice the techniques as often as you can until you’re very comfortable performing at speed in front of a crowd.  Note, however, that some of stuff you’ll learn in the videos below might be tough to duplicate at home – such as pouring draft if you don’t have a kegerator at your disposal. You’ll need to get creative in those situations, read up and learn as much as you can about the skill.

One last bit of advice: once you feel comfortable behind the bar and you’ve mastered the bartending techniques below, let your friends and family know that you’re available for bartending private events…for free.  Get experience bartending as many events as you can.  Don’t ask for money, just put a tip jar out if it’s acceptable otherwise do it simply for the experience (you’ll also find out pretty quick if bartending is actually something you want to do).

Bartending Videos – Bartender Training

How to Pour and Mix Drinks

How to Measure and Pour Alcohol Like a Pro

In this video, learn how to pour alcohol quickly and efficiently.

How to Pour Post & Video Transcript

How to Add Mix and Garnish to Drinks – with Speed

In the video below, we’ll take pouring to the next level by finishing off our mixed drinks by adding the mix and the garnish to complete the drink.

Adding Mix and Garnish Full Post & Video Transcript

How to Pour Using a Measured Pour Spout

Learn how to pour easily with measured pour spouts.

Pour Using a Measured Spout Post & Video Transcript

How to Pour Multiple Drinks Quickly

In this video, since we’ve already learned all the basics about making mixed drinks, let’s add some speed and learn how to make multiple drinks at the same time.

Pouring Multiple Drinks Quickly – Post & Video Transcript

How to Cut and Prepare Garnishes

How to Cut Lemon Slices

Cutting fruit for the bar is a very important part of any bar’s setup – and there’s definitely a right and wrong way to do it!

Cutting Lemon Slices for the Bar – Post & Video Transcript

How to Cut Lime Wedges

The video above showed how to cut lemon slices. This one shows you how to cut lime wedges — don’t forget the slit!!

Cutting Lime Wedges for the Bar – Post & Video Transcript

More Important Bartending Basics

Pouring Draft Beer

Pouring a pint of draft may seem like a simple process – and it basically is…as long as everything is functioning properly and you know what you’re doing.

How to Pour a Draught Beer – Post & Video Transcript

How To Pull a Pint of Guinness

Pouring a Guinness is different than pouring a regular pint of draft as it uses a different gas and needs to settle between pours.

How to Pour Guinness – Video Transcript & Post

Learn How to Strain Cocktails

Straining drinks is a bartending skill that you’ll need to learn right quick as it’s required for many cocktails and martinis as well as for chilling shots.

Straining Methods for Cocktails – Post & Transcript of Video

How to Rim a Glass with Salt, Sugar or Whatever

Recipes like the Bloody Mary cocktail require a salted rim.  Specialty coffees call for a sugared rim.  Learn how to rim glasses with pretty much whatever you want.

Rimming a Glass Post plus Video Transcript

How To Chill a Glass – Quickly

Learning how to chill a glass quickly comes in handy when you need to get that martini glass chilled super quick because you’ve got dozens of other orders waiting.

Chilling a Glass Post & Video Transcript

Bartender Tips Tutorial Videos

In these videos, we take bartending basics to the next level with some of the more advanced bartender tricks.  Pouring multiple shots simultaneously, fanning napkins and dealing with pesky fruit flies…

How to Pour Multiple Shots at the Same Time

Although this could be considered more of a bar trick, it’s a very functional way to be able to pour multiple different shots at the same time.

How to Pour Multiple Shots Video Transcript & Full Post

Fanning Napkins – Learn How!

Learning how to fan napkins is a great bartending skill to know as it comes in handy time and time again.  Whether you need a beautiful display for your fruit and cheese tray or you just want a cool way to display cocktail napkins around the bar, learn this trick.

How to fan Napkins Video Transcript & Post

Making Fruit Fly Traps for the Bar

Damn fruit flies seem to be everywhere at certain times of the year.  There’s not much more disgusting to a customer than to see dead fruit flies floating around in their drinks.  It stops here!

VIDEO – How to Make Fruit Fly Traps

We have so many more bartending videos on our YouTube channel – click the button above to Subscribe!

We’ve included links to other pages that contain bartending videos on everything from bar tricks to jello shot tutorials to cocktail, bomb and shooter recipes.  Oh, and since you’re likely new to bartending, you might want to know how to act at the bar when you’re not behind the wood so we included a video series on that as well.

Bar Tricks Video Tutorials

We’ve housed our most popular bar trick videos here – everything from balancing a coin on the edge of a bill to lifting a bottle with a straw.  We’ve got dozens of bar tricks for your and your patrons’ entertainment.

Mixed Drink Videos

The most commonly ordered drinks in a bar, mixed drinks simply refers to standard drinks such as a rum & coke, gin & tonic etc.  Learn all the popular combinations.

Cocktail Drink Videos

Check out our list of the most popular cocktail recipes like the Long Island Iced Tea, Kamikaze, Margarita…

Martini Video Tutorials

A page dedicated to the most popular martini drink recipes – and none of the ones you don’t need to know (okay, maybe one or two…)

Shooter / Shots Videos

If you like shots aka shooters, this is the page for you – get the most popular shot recipes out there.

How to Order Drinks at a Club Video Series

We put this page together as a fun(ny) way to let newbies know how to go about properly ordering drinks at a bar.  Follow these steps and you won’t be the butt of every bartender and server’s jokes for the entire night.

Bar Etiquette NO NO Video Series

This bar etiquette video series is a collection of 13 videos – most of which are things NOT to do when you’re out at the club.  Heed this advice and it’ll be the next guy who gets ejected from the bar instead of you.

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