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Bartender Resume Sample to Use as a Template

So you’re looking for a sample bartender resume?  Great, that’s what we’ve got for you – a couple examples of a bartending resume.  Note: some people call a bartending resume a bartending CV or curriculum vitae, but it’s really not.  The basic difference between a resume and CV is the length and breadth of what’s covered in a CV compared to a resume.

If you’re trying to create a great bartending resume, take a look at the sample bartender resume below to give you some ideas on what to write as well as how to write your own.

This sample bartender resume outlines the most important aspects and sections of a bartenders resume. Depending on your level of experience, education and skill set, you’ll want to start your bartending resume with whatever looks the best. This means that if you have a lot of certificates – bartending, mixology, draught pouring, sommelier etc – list these first under the heading “Education”, “Special Skills” or “Certification”.

If you have more work experience than certificates, then start your bartending resume with your work experience first.

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Sample Bartender Resume – Text Version



To build on my 6 years experience behind the bar utilizing my stellar customer service skills
and knowledge of brewing and craft beers in a way that entertains and wows customers – bringing them in and keeping them coming back



  • Insatiable desire for craft beer knowledge and the beer brewing process
  • Detail-oriented with a flair for outstanding customer service
  • Friendly, personable, outgoing, interactive and entertaining
  • Reached Jedi status with both PosiTouch & Aloha P.O.S systems



Bartender, Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, GRILL & BREWERY                          Winters, 2010-2013
Key West, FL

As the only brewery in the Keys, Kelly’s was hopping and enjoyed one of the most popular happy hours in Key West.

Tending bar at a brewery taught me:

  • Brewing / Craft Beer Knowledge – assisting the brewmaster two times / month gave me a wealth of knowledge about craft beers.
  • Prep – a well-stocked and prepped bar translates into higher revenues and better customer service
  • Multitasking – serving $1000 lunches while simultaneously prepping extensively for dinner and happy hour quickly taught me the most efficient ways to do my many tasks

Bartender / Wedding Planner, Shady Gators                                         Summers, 2009-2013
Lake Ozark, MO

Voted #1 in Drinks & Entertainment and Best Waterfront Bar, Shady Gators is the “Party Capital of Lake of the Ozarks” and may actually be the busiest bar in the state.

Bartending at a party bar and planning 8 summer weddings / year taught me:

  • Stellar Customer Service – where every night is non-stop, I not only gave great service but myself and my team always maintained an upbeat attitude and a smile – no matter how slammed the bar was
  • Bartender Training – having trained the last 4 bartenders hired, I walked away with a far deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful bartender – and I ingrained these traits into my trainees
  • Organizational Skills – planning weddings for 300 people or more requires someone with an eye for detail and a flair for organization – I became that person quickly


** Real World Sample Bartender Resume **


sample bartender resume

If you use the above sample bartender resume, you should be able to create your own bartending resume using it as a guideline.

If you have trouble, however, then don’t go and hand out poorly written resumes – you’ll be wasting your time and effort and you’ll be closing doors for places where you’d really like to tend bar.

Instead, have a professional – like the founder of – write your bartending resume for you.

Don’t forget to check out the other bartending resume resources below and leave a comment if you found this information useful.




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