Fruit Fly Traps

how to make fruit fly traps

How to Make Fruit Fly Traps
and rid your bar of pesky flies

Let’s face it. Fruit Flies are a pain in the ass, and they can make a nice bar look unclean. Theses Fruit Fly Traps are a quick way to rid your bar of those pesky little flies. The bar fly traps are easy to make and you likely already have all the supplies.

Incredibly easy, all you need to make the bar fly traps is a cup, plastic wrap, a toothpick, and the old fruit. Use the old fruit (old garnishes) like a lime or cherry that need to be thrown away as the bait and place them in a glass. Next get a piece of plastic wrap and pull it tightly over the top and seal it around the cup.

As an extra caution to prevent sneaky escaping flies, you can always put an elastic band around the glass to hold the plastic wrap tightly in place. Now carefully punch holes in the plastic using a toothpick. You may go ahead and punch plenty of holes because you don’t want the fruit fly to be unable to find its way in. Very, very rarely will a fly find it’s way back out because of the shape of the hole. The plastic is pushed in, similar to a lobster trap.
If you’re looking for a way to kill them as soon as they settle inside the glass, add a couple drops of liquid soap (not too much else they won’t want to go in).

The finished traps are small and can be placed in any un-seen places like under the bar or behind the fridge.


Making Fruit Fly Traps Video Tutorial


[Video Transcript] Bartender Tricks | Fruit Fly Trap Bartending Tutorial

Hi there, Reese Richards from, today with another bar tending tip.  So, a big problem in bars, because of the use of fruit, is fruit flies.

So, sometimes the fruit flies get so bad that customers see them hovering around the bar area.  So, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to trap fruit flies.  Just get a regular glass.

You need a tooth pick and some saran wrap… and… you just want to put some fruit in the bottom of the glass, ok?  If the fruit is rotten, it’s better actually.

So, just jam some fruit in the bottom of the glass, cover it up with saran wrap, and make sure it’s tight on there. And then you’re just going to poke little holes in it with a toothpick.  Ok, poking up holes all around. Ok?

And then you just sit this under the bar area, and the fruit flies will fly in but they can’t get back out.

So there you go… how to, uh, trap fruit flies.


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