Cool Bar Tricks that Anyone Can Learn

cool bar tricks

Simple (and not so simple) Bar Tricks and Bar Bets

Looking for cool bar tricks? Bar tricks are ideal for keeping customers entertained during slower nights or as icebreakers between customers. They can be used to increase a bartender’s tips, entertain guests, impress ladies and awe a crowd when done correctly.

Most bar tricks are pretty simple to learn and perform. In these bar bet and bar trick video tutorials, Reese Richards shows you how to perform a variety of different bar tricks – some simple and some a little more difficult to perform.

Whether you’re looking for card bar tricks, coin bar tricks or beer bottle bar tricks, you’ll find them all right here.

New BAR TRICK TUTORIAL VIDEOS are constantly being added so be sure to check back regularly.

Bar Bets and Bar Trick Video Tutorials

Bar Trick #1 – Balancing Coin on Edge of Bill

[TRANSCRIPT] Balancing Coin on Bill
The Bet: To be able to  balance a coin on the edge of a folded bill.

Bar Trick #2: Bridging the Gap

[TRANSCRIPT] Bridging the Gap
The Bet: to be able to balance a glass on a bill bridging two other glasses.

Bar Trick #3: Alternating Shots

[TRANSCRIPT] Alternating Shots
The Bet: That you can’t move just one shot glass to create an alternating pattern of empty, full, empty, full etc

Bar Trick #4: Lift a Bottle with a Straw

[TRANSCRIPT] Lift Bottle with a Straw
The Bet: That you can lift an empty bottle using just a straw.

Bar Trick #5: Three Shot Water Drop

[TRANSCRIPT] Three Shot Water Drop
The Bet: Get the water from the top shot glass into the bottom shot glass without spilling or touching the glasses. This is an excellent bar trick but requires a bit more set up than the others.

Bar Trick #6: Big Coin, Little Coin

[TRANSCRIPT] Big Coin, Little Coin
The Bet: That you can make the big coin pass through a hole the size of the smaller coin.

Bar Trick #7: Opening a Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper

[TRANSCRIPT] Opening a Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper
The Bet: That you can open a beer bottle using only a single piece of plain paper. When you’ve got nothing else around, a simple piece of paper can be used to open beer bottles. Find out how….

Bar Trick # 8: Opening a Beer Bottle with a Lighter

[TRANSCRIPT] Opening a Beer Bottle with a Lighter
The Bet: That you (like most people) can open a beer bottle using only a lighter.

Bar Trick #9: Olive from Coaster to Coaster

[TRANSCRIPT] Coaster to Coaster with Olive
The Bet: That you can transfer the olive from one coaster to the other without touching it.

Bar Trick #10: Blowing a Bottle Cap into the Bottle

[TRANSCRIPT] Blowing a Bottle Cap into a Bottle
The Bet: That someone can’t blow a bottle cap from the neck of a bottle into the bottom of the bottle.

Bar Trick #11: Toothpick Star

[TRANSCRIPT] Toothpick Star
The Bet: That you can turn a 10 point toothpick star into a 5 pointed star!

Bar Trick #12: Three Knives, Three Glasses and a Floating Bottle of Wine

[TRANSCRIPT] Three Knives, Three Glasses
The Bet: That you can balance a full bottle of wine in the center of a triangle made of pint glasses – using only 3 knives.


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