How To Cut Fruit Limes

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How to Cut Lime Wedges

In this bartender tips tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to cut fruit for the bar, specifically lime wedges. Cutting fruit is not at all difficult but you’d be amazed how many bartenders do it wrong. The most common mistake is to forget to cut the slits into the fruit. This little mistake can cost your bar hundreds a night in lost time. With no slits, bartenders have to either cut each piece of fruit per order or try to jam it onto the rim of the glass and hope it stays. Either way its slow or sloppy service. Also watch How to Cut Lemon Wheels.

How To Cut Limes


First cut the lime in half from top to bottom. Next make a slit sideways in the inside of the lime. You are just cutting a small slit in the center of the lime. Be careful not to cut through the lime to the other side.

After that, turn the limes upside-down and slice them in half, lengthways. And then slice each of those halves in half again creating four pieces per half and eight lime wedges per lime. This can be adjusted according to the size of the lime you are cutting. Smaller limes may only produce six good-sized wedges.

When you’re finished slicing and dicing, all the wedges should be of similar size – with a small cut through the middle to allow it to sit on the glass.

Note: with a little practise, you’ll soon be able to pick up the lime wedge, split it in your fingers and place it on the glass seamlessly with one hand.


[Video Transcript] Bartender Tips Video Tutorial: How to Cut Fruit Lime Wedges

How To Cut Fruit Limes

I’ll try the lime – “How to Cut a Lime”. So a lime here, not cutting off the ends. OK. We’re making wedges out of these limes. So we’re first going to cut it directly in half – as it half as you can. Now you have the two halves. Now i can’t make the slit like this because these are wedges. So i still have to make a little slit inside here. I have to cut a little, centerpiece. Do not go away through. So a little cut in the center – do not go all the way through. Get to the centerpiece there – the vein. Then we’re gonna turn them over and these will be cut into fours. So first down the center again. The second one, in half on the side and then cut on the other side. Again this one, down the center, cut in half. You’re trying to make them all the same size; you don’t want a freaky big one xxx. And make sure you hit to the center each xxx. And again, scoop them up with your knife and put them in your container. OK. The same as the lemons, these beautifully sliced little limes have a slice on. So when your bringing them up, you’re spreading this with your finger if you’re making a drink. And then you’re showing the slice and putting the slice on the side of the glass.

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