How To Pour A Draught

how to pour a draft

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How to Pour Beer on Tap

Some may say learning how to pour beer (draft) is easy, but not many bartenders we see actually know how. Yes, in reality, it is as easy as putting a glass underneath the tap and pulling the handle. But things like the angle of the glass, the length of the tap nozzle, the cleanliness of the glass, where the flow hits the glass etc all factor into how well-poured the final product will be. We’ve seen hundreds of bartenders pour poor pints (repeat that ten times fast).

Watch this ‘how to pour beer’ barenting basics video tutorial and you can escape the most common mistakes people make when pouring beer. Bars-and-Bartending founder, Reese Richards, will show you how to pour draft beer perfectly, everytime.

How to Pour Beer Bartending Basics

There are a lot of things to consider when practising how to pour beer. Generally, pints poured from the beginning or end of a keg are no good. At the beginning of the keg, pints tend to have too much head (foam). And nearing the end of the keg, beers will be flat and taste watery.

Start with a very clean glass as any dirt or water residue in the glass will affect the taste of the draft. Place the glass at a 45-degree angle under the tap (not touching the tap nozzle) and depending on how the foam is settling, adjust your angle and distance from the tap as you are pouring. The further the glass is away from the tap, the more foam is going to be produced. If there is not enough foam, reduce the angle; too much head, increase the angle and proximity to the nozzle.

Try not to let the tap go inside the beer as bacteria on the taps will affect the taste.

Something else to keep in mind if you are having trouble pouring the perfect pint of draft, is to check the gas lines. Not only do you need to make sure your beer gas is always full and you have a spare on hand, but you also need to have your draft lines cleaned every month.

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[Video Transcript] Bartending Basics Video Tutorial: How to Pour Beer on Tap | How to Pour a Draught

How To Pour A Draught

Hi, Reese Richards here from with another bartending tip. So today we want to show you how to pour a draft beer. It seems pretty simple but complications occur when you have a xxx mix of gas in the xxx or maybe the barrel keg is at the bottom of keg or the beginning of the keg might not have not a lot of foam. OK. So, generally speaking you serve with a clean glass; you can hold it up in the light to see that it’s clean. Any dirt on the glass will affect the taste of the beer so you really want to be careful and make sure you have a clean glass. Ok and then we’re going to pour. You put the glass in a 45 degree angle here and start to pour. And depending on how the head or foam is settling i will vary on how i am holding the glass. So if i want more foam i will let the beer fall further down and if i want less i will put closer to. I do not want let the spout here touch the glass or go inside the beer. It has germs on the outside of it so you don’t want to go inside the beer. Alright, here we go. Ok now i want to straighten out as it gets to the top and stop xxx xxx on the edge. OK. And here you have, the perfect pint of beer. This has been a bartending tutorial from My name is Reese Richards and this is how to pour a drat beer.

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