How To Chill A Glass

Bartending Basics Video Tutorial

How to Chill a Glass

Learn how to chill a glass the fastest and most effective way in this bartending basics video tutorial. Many bartenders only fill a glass with ice for a minute or two and think that’ll chill the glass well enough. This simply isn’t true. The fastest and most evenly chilled glasses come from using both water and ice.


How to Chill a Glass Video Tutorial



First fill the glass you’re going to chill with ice and add enough water to fill it just below the top of the glass. You should do this in advance of building your drink so that the glass chills while you are creating your concoction. Once you’re finished mixing your drink, pour the water and ice out of the glass and strain the drink into your now frosty, chilled glass.

To chill a beer mug or stein (or any glass for that matter), first submerge the glass in water and as you pull it out of the water, keep it held upside-down so that most of the water drips off. When there’s no more water draining off it, place it in
the fridge for an hour or so. cold beer



[Video Transcript] Bartending Basics Video Tutorial: How to Chill a Glass

How To Chill A Glass

Hi there! Reese Richards here from with another bartending tip video tutorial. Today, we’re going to show you how to chill a glass. OK. Today we’ll show you with a martini glass. It’s very important if you’re serving martinis it really is that extra little something you know, to have a nice chilled martini glass when your cosmopolitan served to you. So it is very simple and it takes no time. It actually chills during the time that you’re actually making or mixing the martini. So, martini glass clean, i have some ice here. I’m not setup at my bar station. So you want to fill it up with ice. That’s how usually some people think they stop there and it’s okay to chill it like that and it does eventually but the ice is not in contact enough in the surface area to chill it so you want to add water – while you’re mixing your martini. So, add up to where the content would be you know just about a finger’s length away from the rim. And while this is chilling, you’re going to be mixing your martini in your shaker tin here. And then within seconds really, the glass will be chilled. By the time you’re finished with your ingredients here, all you have to do is throw out all the contents of the water and you can already see how the glass is chilled. Ok and that’s only in seconds. And something else you want to try is to chill a beer mug or beer xxx. Don’t do it the same way. For beer xxx you want to dip it in water and then let it drain – let the water drain out of it – and stick it into the freeze. You only need a couple minutes in the freezer and you’ll get that nice little frosting from the outside. My name is Reese Richards, this has been a presentation from

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