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pouring multiple shots

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How to pour multiple shots at once

Bartending tips like learning how to mix and how to pour multiple shots all at once will impress your customer and likely everyone in the bar. It is easy to do and yet still guaranteed to get people saying “awe”. You will watch your tips increase!

Here Reese Richards shows you how to not only mix and make delicious shots, but three at once.

How to Pour Multiple Shots Video Tutorial

There you have ‘How to Pour Multiple Shots”. You will need to have a shaker for each drink your mixing, plus one more for the top so you don’t spill the contents.If you practise and get good enough, some professionals can pour 15 multiple shots!

Measuring with your eyes, you want to try to add as much ice as space between your glasses. Add your alcohol mix for the shots your making, stack all the shakers on top of one another and your empty shaker on top. Now, carefully bend the shakers in a crescent as you tilt them to pour into the glasses.

Have fun!


[Video Transcript] Bartending Tips Video Tutorial: How to Pour Multiple Shots at Once

Hi there, Reese Richards here from Ahh.. for this bar tending tip, this is just a faster way to chill some shots and to pour them all at the same time. So we’re gonna make Sicilian kisses and we’re gonna chill those. So we have southern comfort and amaretto and ah.. i don’t have a station here so i just brought some ice and my three shaker tins and my 3 glasses. So, inside the shaker tins i’m going to place about a 3rd of ice. OK. I need you to shake your tins with a 3rd of ice and then we’re going to measure off your shots in each. I’m just gonna free pour this. So you need a fourth shaker tin to put on top, and then you place the other shaker tins unto the other and then you just strain them into your glasses. Ok, now you have here 3 chilled shots xxx. Cheers!



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