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A Collection of Good Songs to Use for Music Drinking Games

Music Drinking Games are easily played with many different songs. There’s nothing overly complicated about the rules that go along with these drinking game songs – you just take a song that has a repetitive word or phrase and take swigs every time you hear it.  There are literally thousands of repetitive songs that can be used for song drinking games and the fact that all you need to do is drink when a certain phrase is uttered repeatedly makes it that much easier to get started.

Be warned of songs like Roxanne and Thunderstruck as you may have a mess on your hands by the time the songs done – or not remember finishing it.

To get the drink games rolling, we’ve included a bunch of  song suggestions.  We suggest choosing a couple of your favorites before heading out to the club and get your drink on with some of these classic songs.

*Note: Pretty much any song by The Police or AC/DC will do for a music drinking game.

Music Drinking Games Song Suggestions

Here’s Our Selection of Songs to Help Get Your Drink On!

Andre 3000 – Hey ya

Drink each time Andre says “Hey ya”

Beyoncé – Single Ladies

Drink each time Beyoncé sings “Uh Oh!”



The Police – Roxanne

Drink every time they call “Roxanne”



bartending swag shop

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Drink every time you hear “Thunder” (I believe it is 35 times in one song!)



Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Drink every time you hear “Round”


The Ramones – I Wanna be Sedated

Drink each time The Ramones sing “I wanna be sedated”



Michael Jackson – Beat It

Drink every time The King of Pop sings “Beat It”

Art Vs. Science – Parlez Vous Français

Drink every time they sing “Parlez Vous Français”



The Blizzards – Trust me I’m a Doctor

Drink at every “Trust Me”



Fefe Dobson – Ghost

Drink at every “Ghost”



Bahamen – Who Let the Dogs Out

Drink every time some one barks




Justin Bieber – Baby

Of course, Drink when Justin says “Baby”



Taio Cruz – Break your Heart

“‘I’m only gonna break break ya break break ya heart”, Can you drink to every “Break”?



Foo fighters – Best of You

Drink to “The Best”



LMFAO ft. Lil Jon – Shots

I think you can figure this one out, although be careful trying to keep up. Drink every time you hear “Shots”

Tacabro – Tacata

Does it need to be English? Nah, it just needs a good beat with a repetitive phrase for our purposes. Drink everytime you hear “Tacata” – and be forewarned, it’s a LOT!

Andrew W.K – Party Hard

It takes a bit to get started but boy watch out once the song gets going! Drink when you hear “party hard” and remember to keep the bottle to your mouth when they’re going through the chorus of “party hard”. Good Luck!!

We hope you enjoyed our collection of music drinking games.  Don’t forget to bookmark and share this page with your friends.  There are enough song drinking games above to keep the party going for months to come.

If you know of a drinking song that just needs to be on this list, go ahead and mention it in the comments below and we’ll add it in!

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