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How to Fan Napkins

Learning how to fan napkins will definitely enhance your presentation and likely your guests’ experience.

Doing something easy like fanning napkins takes something so simple and mundane – a stack of napkins – and turns it into something worth looking at…and talking about.

When people see the finished result, they usually have no idea how it was done. Maybe they think that someone painstakingly spent hours layering each napkin over the one before or maybe that you hired a “napkin specialist” to transform the stack of napkins into a work of art.

Either way, it takes little effort to learn how to fan napkins and the end result is a pleasing display of a spiralled staircase-like stack of serving napkins.

How to Fan Napkins Bartending Tutorial

This little bartender trick is sure to be a hit and add a little class to your appetizer spread.

Napkin Fanning Tips:
Make sure your stack of napkins is not too thick, you can always put multiple stacks on top of each other to make it bigger.

Place the glass side-ways on top of the stack and push firmly while turning. The napkins will begin to spiral. If the top one is messy after you’re finished, just turn it over or take it off.
Remember that these little bartender tricks are what separates the average bartender from the truly great bartenders (and the extra wages that go with it).

Instead of just putting a stack of cocktail napkins beside the appetizers, try fanning the napkins instead.



[Video Transcript] Bartending Tips Video Tutorial: How to Fan Napkins

Bartending Tips Napkin Fanning

Hi there, Reese Richards here with a bartending tip. xxx in a bar we use cocktail napkins for service – maybe you have appetizers or cheese and cracker plates in your pub or lounge. And instead of just setting them in a square fashion, an easy way to fan them out is just to use a glass – the flatter the edge of the bottle the better. Ok and we’re just gonna hold on to maybe the bottom edge of the stack and you’re going to spin the glass – put some pressure and spin the glass around. (spinning glass on the napkin stack). You can do this, you can take this off now and have this as one stack. Ok and you can do the other stack, again. (spinning glass on the remaining napkin stack) Ok so you’re padding xxx like this, looks a little nicer service kind of plate. If you room the top of the napkin you can just pull it off. OK. This has been a bartending tip from

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