How To Speed Pour

how to speed pour

Bartending Basics Video Tutorial

How to Speed Pour

Speed Bartending

Knowing how to speed pour is one of the many bartending tips a good bartender has up his / her sleeve – although out of the bunch, pouring with speed is arguably the most important. In a fast-paced pub or nightclub, the faster a bartender is able to make and serve drinks, the more people he can serve and the more money he and the establishment makes.

It’s not enough to be able to pour drinks one at a time – you need to be able to pour continuously without stopping in between drinks, you need to know how to speed pour. In this bartending tips tutorial, learn how to pour multiple drinks in one fluid motion.

Remember that this is not something that comes from playing bartender and pouring out a 26er of vodka with the boys. To serve to the speed needed for a busy establishment, you’ll need to practise, practise, practise. But don’t wait till you get the job you want to start practising. Get ‘er going at home and you’ll be all set to impress your new boss when you get the bartending job you want.


How To Speed Pour


With practise, a great bartender should be able to mix at least 6 drinks all at once.

Bartending Tip: When pouring multiple drinks, group and pour all the same alcohols together. So, if you have an order of:

  • vodka tonic
  • vodka cranberry
  • rum & coke
  • Miller lite
  • vodka martini
  • white russian

You’ll start by preparing all the necessary glasses and lining them up in order of the alcohol and mix needed for each. In this case, you’ll set up 4 rocks glasses and a martini glass. Fill all the glasses with ice and then add water to the ice in the martini glass to chill it. Now add vodka to the first 3 rocks glasses and your shaker tin – for the martini. Then add your Kahlua for the white russian. And then your vermouth for the martini. Now pour your rum. Finish all the drinks with each of their respective mixes. Dump the water out of the martini glass and strain the contents of the shaker tin into the chilled glass. Grab the bottle or pint of beer, come back, then garnish your drinks and serve.

Good Luck!

[Video Transcript] Bartending Basics Video Tutorial: How to Speed Pour | Speed Bartending

How To Speed Pour

Ok so now we’ve learned the basics of “How to Pour”. Ok so let’s say we come up with a 45 degree angle and we cut. Pour. 45 degree angle and cut by turning and pour. And now, we want to do a continuous pour. So say you have, somebody gonna order a rum & coke, and a rum & xxx for example. So they’re both rum, ok. I don’t want to stop, then pour again and stop. Ok, i want to do, one, two. Ok, in one fluent motion. We have our glasses here, one continuous motion. Fill them up with ice, put them up here. Grab the bottle at the same time you can grab a glass. Flip the glass around. Bottle comes up a 45 degree angle. Once it’s a finger length from the top, you pour it and continue to pour in the glass. The last one you cut like before. Ok, so again, from point to here and you flip at the same time you bring the bottle up at a 45 degree angle. Pour. Back up and the second you cut. Ok, so the first one – you’re pouring to about a finger length from the top. Ok about a finger length like that. You’re stopping the pour and then you pour in and continue to pour until this shot glass goes back up again. There’s two reasons for doing this. First one, is that if you fill it to the top and you pour, you have to stop the pour of the bottle. So you want to continue to pour, that’s the whole purpose of it. So you continue to pour but you do want to over serve – you don’t want to serve more than one ounce. Right, that’s why you stop about a finger length on the top. And in addition that only pouring one ounce, it also looks like you’re giving a lot more than one ounce. You giving a little extra to the customers because they see what they think is an ounce going in and then they see a little bit of am over pour. Ok. So again we try that one more time with two empty glasses. Fill it with ice. Up at the same time, flip this around and the bottle comes up in a 45 degree angle. One finger from the top, pour. The second one, way to the top, turn and pour to the side. Remember you have to pour close to the glass so you don’t spill off the ice. And then, with one hand, you’re going to grab the gun and the other hand you’re going to grab something else – straws or the garnish. Ok, i start with the straw. So say we have here is a vodka coke. Here is a vodka cranberry and the two straws. And then, i’m going to grab two garnishes. Again using both hands, always use two hands. Split this one as i’m coming up. Ok and then, the lemon is a little easier to put on. So here we are, “Sir, Ma’am, here’s your rum & coke and a vodka cranberry”.

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