Movie Drinking Games

movie drinking games

Movie Drinking Games

A Selection of some Really Good Movies to Play a Movie Drinking Game

Movie Drinking Games - Stack of Cassettes

Movie drinking games are fun and easy to make up on the spot. They are a good way to turn a somewhat boring evening into fun by starting with a drinking movie game. You can play them with any number of people, all by yourself if you wish (but if you do, you may want to ask yourself some serious soul-searching questions), or with a large crowd.

The following drinking games are suggestions. Feel free to add your own rules and re-invent how you play.

Movie Drinking Games work by picking out phrases or occurrences that happen frequently throughout the movie.

If you come up with a great idea, you can always let us know by going to the “Contact Us” link and sending us a message. We’ll be sure to add your drinking game to the site and put your name on it!

Always watch what you drink and how much. If you feel you can’t keep up with the drinking games, STOP. This is meant to be something entertaining, not something that you regret doing the next day.

Create your own ice shot glasses with any flavors you want by adding sour mix, cranberry juice, or liquors. And unlike home-made ice shot glasses, you can keep the outside plastic cup on your Arctic Shotz to protect your hand from the melting ice.

Any Kung-Fu Movie

Movies like Kung-Fu Hustle or Mortal Kombat

1 drink
If someone throws a punch

2 drinks
If someone kicks

If a character does something that defies the laws of nature. For example, walks on tree tops or water, survives an extraordinary fall or beating.

The Big Lebowski

1 drink
Every time a character curses
Every time someone enjoys a beer, blunt, or white russian.

Dazed and Confused

1 drink
Every time a character says “hey” and “man” in the same sentence.

2 drinks
Every time Mitch Kramer touches his hair or face.


1 drink
Every time a character says “Elf” or “Buddy”.

Give 1 Drink
The first person to spot the candy cane in each scene gets to assign another player to take a drink.


1 Drink
Anytime someone says the word ‘Sparta/Spartan’.
Anytime you see a Spartan die.
Anytime someone becomes a pirate.
Anytime a bunch of dudes cheer.

At any dramatic facial close-ups (continue to chug until the camera shot is over).


There are many movies you can choose when playing drinking games. Some of these drinking games are pretty intense. If a player needs to sit a few scenes out, encourage it. Everyone will still have a lot of fun.

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