How To Rim A Glass

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How to Rim a Glass

How to Rim a Glass — Some drink recipes, like a bloody mary or margarita, require the glass to be ‘rimmed’. This simply means that the top of the glass is moistened with something – usually lime juice, and then dipped into something like salt or sugar, creating a ring around the top of the glass. When done properly, this not only adds to the taste of the drink but enhances the presentation as well.How to rim a glass, give a rim job that your cocktail glass will never forget! Learn this simple bartender tip – rimming a glass – to add a little flair to your cocktails. Rimming not only enhances the taste of the drink but also the presentation.

The most common method of rimming a glass found in the majority of bars and nightclubs is to use a rimmer. (CLICK HERE to view our cocktail rimmer products)

How to Rim a Glass Video Tutorial

The rimmers contain lime juice, lime cordial or lime bar mix as the moistener, and usually a couple more trays containing sugar, salt and celery salt (although you can rim a glass with anything from spices to crushed candy).

You simply dip the glass upside down on the wet sponge (which is moistened with some lime juice), and, making sure there is no excess moisture falling off, the glass is then dipped into one of the other trays.
How to Rim a Glass - Glass Rimmer

A better method, which produces a more evenly and tasty rim is to rub the rim of the glass with a fresh cut lime, then dip it into the salt / sugar etc. The problem with this method is that its too slow for a fast-paced bar; plus the extra usage of fresh limes. If you work in a slower, more casually-paced bar or restaurant, this method works fine.

Now that you know how to rim a glass, start experimenting with rimming your cocktails with different herbs, spices, candies etc.


[Video Transcript] Bartending Basics Video Tutorial: How to Rim a Glass

How To Rim A Glass

Hi there! Reese Richards here from with another bartender tip video tutorial. Today we’re going to learn “How to Salt the Rim of the Glass” and today we’re going to use salt – you can use celery salt or sugar or the common ones to rim the glass. There are a couple different ways but here we’ll show you using the slice of a lime. This would be more something you do at home. In a bar you probably have a setup where you can just dip it in the lime juice and then into the salt. OK. But for here we do it with a salt which also taste a lot better if you use the xxx lime. So you just have a lime wedge and you want to gently rim the glass with a lime wedge. You don’t want to get any of the pulp unto the glass or you try not to. Just gently rim it and then turn the glass upside down into a little saucer of salt. Dip the excess off. Ok and then you have your margarita salted rim. OK. Try to get it as even on the side and you can do that by making sure that there’s not a lot of water or excess lime juice into the salt saucer try. This has been another presentation from My name is Reese Richards, thank a lot.

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