Drinking Games

A Collection of the Best Drink Games out there!

Drinking games are a great way to start a party. They can break the ice with a date, help you get to know someone new or just add another dimension to your night out with the boys or girls.

We’ve put together only the best drinking games so you don’t have to sort through 100s and 100s of games that are not worth playing. There are plenty of 2 player drink games, college drinking games, beer drinking games, and of course our most popular games. Drinking responsibly is important. It’s not a fun drinking game if you can’t remember it the next day or if you’re Praying to the Porcelain Princess.<

These drinking games don’t require too many materials, just common things that you can find at home. A standard deck of cards and dice and of course, booze!
Drinking Games


All the games are explained and will have Video Tutorials up shortly of how to play and how much fun they can be! Feel free to mix the rules if you think it will make the game better. And let us know if they worked!

Best Drinking Games / Girls Night Out Drinking Games


Fun Drinking Games

College Drinking Games

Drinking Party Games

Drinking Card Games

Important: As with any drinking game or night out, please drink responsibly and do not go past your limits. Some people can handle a LOT more drinks than others. You know your own limits. Puking in and of itself is not fun, let alone getting alcohol poisoning or not remembering what happened the night before.

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