Straw in Beer Bottle Trick

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Straw in Beer Bottle Trick
How to Lift a Bottle with a Straw

The Straw in the Beer Bottle Trick — Every good bartender should know a few good bar tricks. Whether its a bar straw trick or a more elaborate one that takes some time to set up, pub tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests.

Not only do they entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip.

In this bar straw trick video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to lift an empty alcohol bottle using only a straw.

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The bottle needs to have some sort of lip, or indentation for the straw to catch when you pull it up.

Just fold the top of the straw over as you slide it into the bottle and when you go to lift the straw up it should catch the bottles neck and lift with you.


— Straw in Beer Bottle Trick
How to Lift a Bottle with a Straw —

Have Fun!

[Video Transcript] Straw in Beer Bottle Trick | How to Lift a Bottle with a Straw

straw beer bottle trick

Hi there! Reese Richards here from with another bar trick – simple and easy bar trick. All you need is a empty bottle and a straw. And the trick is, or the bet is, i bet you that i can lift this bottle(empty bottle) off the ground using only this straw. Ok, lift it off the ground. And you can’t tie this straw around like you do a loop and pull the bottle. You can’t tie the straw into knots. Ok so, how do you pickup the bottle using only the straw. OK. The trick: First you need a bottle like zambooka – it has some grooves in the inside. OK. Some of xxx are straight flat and it won’t work; Second, you need to bend the straw so when it goes in it’s going to grab unto a ledge. Once you feel the ledge, then you’ll just be able to pull up.

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