Bar Tricks – Alternating Shots Bar Trick

The alternating shots bar trick is a simple bar trick that every good bartender should know. Whether its simple bar tricks or more elaborate ones that takes some time to set up, bartender tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests.

Not only do bar tricks entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip.

In this bar tending tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to win money or drinks by showing you this easy-to-learn bar trick called the Alternating Shots Bar Trick.


Alternating Shots Bar Trick


Line up 6 shot glasses. The first one should be empty, the next three filled, and the last two empty.

OBJECT: The bet is to see if your opponent can make the shot glasses alternate from empty to full in one move.

You can let them try a few moves and when they give up, pick up the third glass in and pour it into the last shot glass(CLICK HERE to check out our shot glasses in our barstore). Put the now empty shot glass back in its row and violá! The shots should now be alternating empty, full, empty, full, empty.


[Video Transcript] Bar Tricks Video Tutorial: Alternating Shots Bar Trick

Alternating Shots Bar Trick

Hi there, Reese Richards here from with a simple and easy bar bet. So the step is that you have 6 shooters, 3 of them are full. You can bet whatever you want on this. An easy way to do it is to bet with 3 shots. Ok so you’re 3 shots… and they’re lined up – 2 empty, 3 full, 1 empty. The bet is, moving only one glass. Lined these up so that is empty full empty full empty full. Ok, so moving only one glass. So you can try moving it here, that’s one move. Here is another move. OK. You can let them play around for as long as it takes. Ok, and then when they give up on a certain time on it, you move your one glass. The solution, pickup the glass(middle full glass), pour it on the first one(empty glass), put the glass back. Now you have full empty full empty full empty. OK. And you can drink the 3 shots. This has been a bar trick tutorial, a very simple one from Reese Richards of

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