Bar Trick Tutorial: Bottle Cap Bar Trick

Bar Tricks and Bar Bets: the Bottle Cap Bar Trick

Every good bartender should know a few good bar tricks – like the Bottle Cap Bar Trick. Whether they’re simple or a more elaborate one that takes some time to set up, bartender tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests.

Not only do they entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip.

In this bartending tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to perform this bar bet to win drinks or cash from friends or just to entertain patrons.

Bartending tutorials: Bottle Cap Bar Trick

This bottle cap bar trick is sure to have your opponent pulling at their hair. It seems so easy and they’ll want to try for hours, sure they’ll win on the next attempt and the next. I suggest setting a time limit or amount of blows before starting, as you might be there all night.

Bend the cap in half and sit it half in the neck or opening of the bottle. The bet is to blow the cap inside the bottle.

Because of the shape of the bottle and cap, the air will pass through the cap every time, bounce off the bottom of the bottle and push the cap outside.

Good Luck!

[Video Transcript] Bar Trick and Bar Bets: The Bottle Cap Bar Trick Video Tutorial

Bottle Cap Bar Trick

Hi, Reese Richards here from with another bar trick. So in this bar trick, you have an empty beer bottle and a beer cap that is crushed in half, sitting halfway into the mouth of the beer bottle. The bet is, you bet someone – a beer, a draft or 5 dollars whatever – that they can’t blow the beer bottle cap into the bottle. That’s it. They cannot blow the cap into the bottle. So it seems actually easy. So we’ll try xxx xxx. One more. Okay, the reason is once you blow into the bottle most of the air passes the beer bottle cap and it comes back from the bottle and blows it out. So you can’t actually blow it into the bottle. So after they try several times and fail then you can try for yourself. And what you want to do is take a straw and blow the air right into the bottle cap. There we go. This been a presentation from My name is Reese Richards with another simple bar trick.

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