Bar Tricks Opening Beer With Paper

opening beer bottle with piece of paper

Bartending Tips Video Tutorial

How to Open a Beer Bottle
with a Piece of Paper

Need to open your beer bottle and have no opener? or just looking for cool bartender tricks? Bar tricks are ideal for keeping customers entertained during slower nights or as icebreakers between customers. They can be used to increase a bartender’s tip, entertain guests, impress ladies and awe a crowd when done correctly.
You’ve probably seen someone open a beer bottle with a lighter before. But have you seen someone open a beer bottle with a plain ol’ piece of paper?
In this bartender tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to do just that!
Open Bottle with Paper Video Tutorial

silver-bottle-openerThe piece of paper must be tightly folded in order to ensure its strong enough. Wrap your index finger around the neck of the bottle right under the cap. Next, wedge the paper under the rim of the cap near your knuckle and like a lever, push the paper down on your knuckle to snap the cap off.

Bartending tips and bar tricks can be a bartenders best friend. They will make your job easier and more profitable because you are able to work more efficiently and impress your customers and co-workers.


[Video Transcript] Bartender Tips Video Tutorial: How to Open a Beer with a Piece of Paper

Bar Tricks Opening Beer With Paper

Reese Richards here from So this bar trick is “How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper” in times when you don’t have a bottle cap opener or this is not a twist off. So first we take a piece of paper and old it in half. And then we will continue and fold it in half again. And again. And one more time. OK. So you get to here and now you gonna fold this in half. And in half one more time. And we’re going to use this like a lighter. Ok so we’re going to put our hand here and we’re going to place the top piece of this underneath and the other piece is in our hand and holding unto the bottle. And we’re going to pop. OK. So, this is Reese Richards from and that was “How to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper”.

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