Coin Bar Tricks: Big Coin Lil Coin

Bar Tricks with Coins – Big Coin, Little Coin Bar Trick Tutorial

Coin bar tricks are some of the best to learn because you always have coins on hand.  Every good bartender should know a few easy coin bar tricks and the big coin little coin is a simple one to learn. Whether it’s a simple one or something a little more elaborate which requires setup, bartender tricks are a brilliant way to entertain your guests.

Not only do they entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip.

In this bartending tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to perform this coin bar trick: big coin little coin to win drinks or cash from friends or just to entertain patrons.

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It may seem just too easy, but I’m sure you’ll have people just waiting and listening for that tearing sound.

To do this easy coin bar trick, simply fold the paper into quarters and carefully tear a hole the size of the small coin by lining up the middle of the coin to the folded corner of the paper.

Bet whatever you like, and throw in the coins for good measure. This simple coin trick would be ideal to use while traveling as an icebreaker and a way to obtain different currency and save money on the drink!


Cheers! I hope you enjoyed this Coin Bar Trick 

[Video Transcript] Coin Bar Tricks: Big Coin Lil Coin

Hi! This is Reese Richards from with another bar trick tutorial. This trick is called “Big Coin, Small Coin” and whatever you’re from just get a larger coin and one that slightly smaller. OK. In Canada, a quarter and nickel or quarter and five cents, 4 cents and 5 cents works as well. And you’ll need a small square piece of paper. To set the trick up first, you fold the paper in half and then fold it in half once more. And then you want to take the small coin and to get the size of the coin here you’re going to place the double folded edge.. you’re going to place this in to about the center so that one quarter of the coin… ok, you want that in the center. And you’re going to tear that piece away. Ok, throw that away. And when you open up you should have a hole that fits the coin. So this coin, because it is the same size of hole fits through the paper. Now the bet is: Can you fit this coin through the paper (without tearing the paper of course). Can you fit this coin through the paper. So you can see that even if you have the coin in the center here, it does not go through, it will not fit

Coin Bar Tricks: Big Coin Lil Coin

without tearing the paper. So you can let them play with that for a little bit and then you take it back. And you put it into this position here just like we had it. So fold it over here and put the coin in the center. So the coin is hanging down here and then you just want to bring up the edges a little bit so the coin will fall through. Ok again, you are just bringing the edges up this way and it widens the circle. And the quarter or larger coin will fall through. This has been a bar trick, tending tip tutorial from

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