Open Bottle Without Bottle Opener

how to open a beer bottle with a lighter

Bar Tips Video Tutorial

Open Bottle without Bottle Opener – Using a Lighter

Need a Beer and can’t find your opener? Watch our bar trick video tutorial to learn how to open bottle without bottle opener – using a lighter and never be without an opener again.

Forget using your teeth because that will result in expensive dental repairs. Using your eye socket or bellybutton is just as stupid. Some people can do it with their forearm, but we’ll show you how, no pain, no dentist visit, with a regular ol’ lighter. You can also check method number two out on how to open bottle without bottle opener – using nothing but a piece of paper.

Open a Bottle With a Lighter Video Tutorials

In order to perform this bar trick, you must make sure your have a strong lighter with an angular edge. Lighters with rounded edges won’t work as well. Also, it takes most people a few tries before they get it, and a few more before they can shoot the cap across the room. So make sure you practise by yourself before you try to look all cool and try it infront of your friends and customers.

To open bottle without bottle opener, your need something with a a strong edge. Using a lighter, you place the bottom’s edge under the lip of the bottle cap. Next you wrap your hand around the neck of the bottle and firmly hold the lighter in place under the cap. What you are doing is creating a fulcrum like a seesaw, where when one side goes down the other comes up. Now with your free hand, push down on the other end of the lighter and the cap should make a very satisfying “POP”. Don’t forget to check out our other Bartender Tutorial Videos to learn all of our bar tips. You will also find video drink recipes, basic training, tricks, etc….



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