3 Knives Bar Trick Video Tutorial

3 knives bar trick

The 3 Knives Bar Trick is such a good bar trick to learn. Like many bar tricks, it’s not difficult once someone shows you how it’s done, but it is tough for other people to figure out.

As we’ve always said, the difference between a good bartender and a great bartender is one’s ability to entertain guests effectively. And there’s no better way than learning a couple of good bar tricks.

Whether its simple or a more elaborate one that takes some time to set up, bartender tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests and ultimately increase a bartender’s tip.

In this bartending tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to perform the 3 Knives Bar Trick. Use it wisely to win drinks or cash from friends or just to entertain patrons.

Bar Tricks to Make Money

With this bar trick, the tricky part is aligning the knives properly. Practise a few times before attempting it in front of customers to avoid some embarrassment.

Hold the first knife in the middle, place the second knife on top, under your thumb. Now “weave” the third knife under the second knife and over the first.

You can bet whatever you like, and you can balance any number of items on top as long as the knifes are strong. Wine bottles are some of the heavier objects, but a full pint will work well also – and it makes for a good bet… “I’ll bet you that pint that I can balance it in the middle of these three empty pint glasses using only these knives.”

Have Fun!

[Video Transcript] 3 Knives Bar Trick Video Tutorial

3 knives bar trick

Hi there! Reese Richards here from barsandbartending.com with another bar trick tutorial. For this trick you’ll need 3 glasses – pints glasses or regular glasses, you’ll need 3 knives – same size, same type of knife, OK, and a bottle of wine, bottle of beer, full glass of beer, it doesn’t matter. The trick is, but first you need to setup the glasses in a triangle and the distance between the triangle should be greater than the knife – the length of the knife. Just a bit greater than the length of the knife. Perfect. And the bet is with these 3 knives can you arrange them in such a way that your able to balance this bottle of wine in the center of this 3 glasses. OK. A balance of the bottle of wine instead of the 3 glasses using just these 3 knives and not moving the glasses. OK. So here it is. OK. And maybe a little slower. The way to do it with the knives… would be, the first knife be here, the second knife goes over top, here at the base of the first knife and the third one goes underneath and over top. OK. And then you can just arrange them as they go on the glasses. OK. So again, over top first one, the 3rd underneath and over. Ok, with that arrangement there. This has been another bar tending tutorial from barsandbartending.com, my name is Reese Richards. Thanks for watching.



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