Bar Shot Tricks: the 3 Shot Water Drop

3 shot water drop bar trick

Looking for cool bar shot tricks? Bar tricks are ideal for keeping customers entertained during slower nights or as icebreakers between customers. They can be used to increase a bartender’s tip, entertain guests, impress ladies and awe a crowd when done correctly.

This particular bar shot trick takes a bit to set up initially but is well worth it. This is definitely a must in the big bag of bartender tricks.

OBJECT: Get the water from the inverted top shot glass into the bottom shot glass without touching any of the shot glasses.

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To set this trick up you need three shot glass, two the same size, and the third slight bigger or wider at the top.

Place the larger shot glass on the bottom empty. The other shot glasses need to be submerged under water and placed together one upside-down on the other. Carefully bring them out of the water together (full of water) and place them on top of the bigger shot glass with some straws over it to create a bridge that the water can fall through. Make a slight gap between the two shot glasses, just enough so that no water drips out. Take a straw and place it in the gap and blow slowly. All the water from the top shot glass will run down into the bottom, empty shot glass(CLICK HERE to check out our shot glasses in our barstore) and fill it up – leaving the top empty, and the two on the bottom full.



[Video Transcript] Bartending Shot Tricks: The 3 Shot Water Drop

Bar Tricks Tutorial: 3 Shot Water Drop

Hey there, Reese Richards here from with another bar trick. This bar trick, the setup is two shot glasses full of water and to get them into this position, you just put them together underneath a sunken water and take them out. And you’ll need a larger shot glass in the bottom with a wider width (i just used a disposable shot glass). Ok and the trick is how do you get the water from this shot glass glass into the bottom shot glass without spilling any water and without touching any of the shot glasses. The trick: with the straw.. (blowing shot glass with water). Ok, i spilled a little. I did, it’s a little messy. But as you can see the water is out of the first glass on top and into the bottle. OK. The trick to this bar trick is when you put the glasses together and your holding them right underneath the water, you bring them out full like this right? And when you set them on top of the straws.. The trick is that you’ve left this little tiny space so small that the water doesn’t drip out from the other side but large enough that you can blow air into. Ok and you blow slightly into the side, not so much that it sprays all over. I blew a little too hard. OK, but just enough that it dribbles down the bottom and drops into the bottom shot glass. Ok, this has been a bar trick tutorial from

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