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10 Pointed Toothpick STAR

Every good bartender should know a few good bar tricks. Whether its a simple bar trick with toothpicks or a more elaborate one that takes some time to set up, bar tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests.

Not only do they entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip. In this bar tricks with toothpicks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to perform this bar bet to win drinks or cash from friends or just to entertain patrons.

For the Toothpick star bar games, its all in the set up. Make sure to pay close attention to find out how you can turn a 10 pointed toothpick star into a 5 pointed star, WITHOUT TOUCHING IT!

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The toothpicks need to be very thin. Carefully snap them in half but not all the way through. Now place all the toothpicks together with the corners, or bends touching each other.

Let a very small drop of water drop down to the centre of the circle and the wooden toothpicks will start to absorb the water. This will make them want to expand and seem to repel and each other and then connect with the other toothpicks end, forming a 5 pointed star.


Have Fun!

[Video Transcript] Bar Trick Video Tutorial: Bar Tricks with Toothpicks | 10 Pointed Star Toothpicks

Bar Tricks Toothpick Star

Hi there, Reese Richards here from with another bartender trick. So here we have a ten pointed star made out of toothpicks. And the bet is, without touching any of the toothpicks, can you turn this ten-pointed star into a five pointed star, without physically touching any of the toothpicks.There you have, a five-pointed star. Ok so, the trick to this trick is, the toothpicks have to be in halves – not they’re not 10 separate pieces. So the toothpicks have to be bent in half in such a way that their still attached. OK, and so you actually have 5 halves of a toothpick. And you arrange them so that it creates a small circle – as you saw in the beginning – and then the only extra addition is a drop of water in the center. Ok so we used a straw and we just had some water and drop a drop in the center. And that processed the wood to spread out and change the form. Ok, so that’s been another trick from, thank you.

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