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Pass the Pitcher

Pass the Pitcher: Pitcher Drinking Games

The Pass the Pitcher Drink Game is perfect for the bar. Everyone will have a great time getting rowdy as they pass the pitcher along (that’s if everyone’s O.K. with sharing the beer in the first place).
The goal is once the first pitcher is purchased, that you are not the next one to buy the second (or third). By drinking calculated amounts, and knowing your friends limits, you just may reign champion of the pub.

Pass the Pitcher: Pitcher Drinking Games

Players: 3 or more

Materials: A Pitcher of Beer

Object: To take calculated sips of the pitcher and not to be the person BEFORE the person that finishes the pitcher.

Set Up: A group of three or more (the more the merrier) around a table with a pitcher of beer.


  • Everyone must pool their money for the first round.
  • Anyone can start (the player that pooled the most) and they take a sip as little or as big as they want/can.
  • Players are only allowed one breath, and cannot take their lips off the pitcher.
  • When they are finished, they pass the pitcher on.
  • When someone finishes the pitcher, the player who drank before them must buy the next pitcher of beer.

Words of Wisdom: You’ll notice people examining the pitcher to see if they should only take a sip, or go for it and drink the rest.
Be careful and try not to sit next to a heavy drinker! Or you’ll probably end up paying for the next pitcher!

Pass the Pitcher: Pitcher Drinking Games - Pitcher Chill Bat
The Chill Bat

Keeps your beverages under 40 degrees. After Freezing the bat, just place in your pitcher so everyone can enjoy a cold drink.

***Pass the Pitcher Drinking Game Ends when all the players are drunk enough to get on the dance floor!
(or are primed to go somewhere else)***

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