Card Drinking Game

card drinking games

Card Drinking Game

Blow My Deck

Blow my deck is a fun card drinking game that requires nothing more than a shot glass, some booze and a deck of cards. This is one of the easiest card drinking games to learn and is a lot of fun to play.

card drinking game



Not to be the person who blows the last card
off the top of the shot glass

Starting the Game

card drinking game

  1. Fill a shot glass with your desired booze
  2. Flip cards to determine who will go first
  3. Place the full deck of cards, face down, on top of the shot glass as shown in the picture


How to Play

  • After it’s been decided who’s starting the game, that person begins by blowing on the deck of cards, attempting to blow off at least one of the cards from atop the shot glass.
  • As long as he / she succeeds in blowing off at least one card, the turn then moves to the next person.
  • Play continues this way until either someone blows off all the remaining cards (and therefore loses), blows off all but one (making the next player in line the loser), or doesn’t blow off any cards in one breath (and therefore loses).

Rules of the Game

  • Each person can only use one breath – if they run out of breath and haven’t blown at least one card off the shot glass, they lose and must drink the shot
  • You can blow as many or as few cards off the shot glass as you like each turn as long as you only use one breath
  • If someone blows all but one card off the top of the shot glass, the next person automatically loses as there is only one card remaining and the next person must blow at least one card off (they don’t actually need to blow the card off – they can just remove it and drink the shot)
  • The game starts anew after someone loses and drinks the shot – that person must fill up the shot glass and replace all the cards back to the starting position.
  • The loser of the previous round begins the next round

Enjoy, Drink Responsibly and DON’T DRINK and DRIVE!


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