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Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga has been a family favorite for years. But, if you have Jenga in your house, you probably haven’t pulled it out of the games closet for a while.
Well, now’s your chance – its time for the Jenga Drinking Game!

Here are two adult versions of drinking Jenga games – the quick, easy version, and the much more fun version.

A fun twist on an old game. Adds a little more excitement to something you thought was outdated. Pull out those Jenga blocks and learn these great drinking Jenga games.

Jenga Drinking Game Rules and Instructions

Players: 2 or more

Materials: Jenga, Alcohol

Object: To have tons of fun!



  • Each time a player successfully removes a block, they may give someone else a drink. If they topple the Jenga tower, they must chug a full drink.



Write a phrase on one side of each Jenga block.

    • Suggested phrases are:
      • Give # of Drinks
      • Make a Rule
      • Make Animal Noises
      • Remove an Article of Clothing
      • Go Again
      • Washroom Break
      • Kiss Person on Left/Right/of your Choice
      • Waterfall
    • Each player must follow the rule on the block
      that they pull.
    • The person to topple the tower must chug a
      full drink.
    • Have Fun!

***Jenga Drinking Game Ends by a Player Toppling the Tower***

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