Ring Of Fire Drinking Game

ring of fire drinking game

Ring of Fire drinking game (a.k.a King’s Cup, Waterfall, Circle of Death & Thumb master) is different from other drinking games as it requires interaction from all the soon to be drunken participants.

Played best with a large crowd, each player has to perform the action assigned to the card drawn.

Another version of this game is called The Pot which has slightly different rules for each card and involves a cup in the middle of the table where participants pour in a bit of their drink each time an Ace is turned up and the person to turn up the last ace drinks the concoction. Check out The Pot Drinking Game.

Feel free to combine any of the rules that you think may make your game that much more entertaining.

Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Ring of Fire or Waterfall Drinking Game is one of the very best party drinking games out there.

Ring of Fire Drinking Game Rules:

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Deck of Cards, Plenty of Booze

Object: To have a lot of fun and socialize

Directions: The deck of cards is placed face-down, spread out in a circle or ring. Players sit around the ring and the person the most sober goes first. They pick up a card and must follow the rule that applies to that card.



2 – Make a Rule. The player can make up any rule they wish. Example: Everyone must salute before taking a drink, every time!

3 – Propose a Toast. The player can make a toast to anything they like and everyone must drink to it.

4 – Four Fingers. The player is allowed to assign any other players a drink worth four finger lengths. They may split them up among different players, or give them all to one person.

5 – King of the Ring. The player is now King and they may make anyone drink at any point during the game until a new King is elected.

6 – Ladies Drink. All ladies playing must take a drink.

7 – Categories. The player selects a category and everyone in turn around the circle must name something in that category. Examples: Sport Cars, Designers, Athletes, etc… As soon as one person finishes saying their word, the next person has 2 seconds to say their word. Whenever it gets to someone who can’t think of anything, they must drink.

8 – Gents Drink. All guys playing must take a drink.

9 – Busta Rhyme. The player must think of a word and everyone takes turns rhyming with it until someone can’t think of one.

10 – Snap. Without saying anything the player must put the card down face up where everyone can reach. All players must snap their hand on top of the card. Last player to slap their hand on the pile drinks.

JACK – Thumbmaster. This player is now the Thumbmaster. They may place their thumb anywhere visible and all the other players must copy. The last player to notice drinks. The Thumbmaster may use this at any time during the game.

QUEEN – Questionmaster. This player can ask any other player whatever they like and they must answer.

KING – Eyemaster. Any other player caught looking at the Eyemaster during the game must drink.

ACE – Waterfall. The player is now the starter of the Waterfall. Everyone stands up and the first player starts to drink/chug their drink. the next person in line must start immediately after the person to their right and cannot stop until they do. This applies to every player. It gets difficult when a champion chugger gets the Waterfall card.

Another version is: instead of a King being the Eyemaster, the first 3 people to turn up a king, pour a swig of their drink into a cup in the middle of the table (no matter what they are drinking). The 4th King to be turned up is the lucky devil that gets to drink the concoction.

***Ring of Fire Drinking Game Ends when all the cards have been played***

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