The Hat Man Drinking Game Rules

The Hat Man Drinking Game

The Hat Man Rules and Game

As dice drinking games go, the Hat man Drinking Game is a great party game. Players can play individually or team up against others and force them to constantly have the hat or to always be the one taking drinks. A fantastic ice-breaker at parties, the Hatman game has everything from strategy, alliances, and luck.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: 2 Dice, a hat of some sort, plenty of beer

Object: To get everyone else drunk and refrain from keeping the hat too long.

Directions: All players roll one die. The players roll the die and the player who rolls the lowest number wears the hat first. The player to the left of the Hatman starts by rolling first. The players must do what is assigned to each combined number rolled. The player continues to roll until they roll a “dead roll” (explained further down). The dice are then passed to the next player on the left. This continues until the game has ended.

What the rolls mean:

  • if a 3 is rolled, the Hatman drinks. (a single dice with a 3 or a combination of 1 & 2)
  • if a 7 is rolled, the player to the left drinks immediately (4 & 3, 6 & 1, 5 & 2)
  • if an 11 is rolled, the player to the right drinks immediately (6 & 5)
  • if a 4 & 1 are rolled, all players must touch their nose. the last player to touch their nose must drink. if a player touches their nose for any reason at any other time, they drink.
  • if snake eyes (double 1s) are rolled, its a social drink – everyone takes a drink.
  • if any other doubles are rolled, the roller may assign the number of drinks shown on one die to any other player (even Hatman) The only exception are double 3’s, wherein the Hatman must take 6 drinks.
  • Rolls with no rules assigned are considered “dead rolls”. the roller passes the dice on to the next player to the left.


*NOTE: These are guidelines. More rules may be added or changed before the game. Some other suggestions are:

  • player are not allowed to go to the washroom unless they’ve rolled a certain number
  • all girls/guys drink when a certain number is rolled


  • Getting rid of the hat
  • the only way to do this is by the Hatman rolling a 3 on a single die or a combination of 3 (2 & 1). When a 3 is rolled the Hatman may give the hat to any player of their choice. (It is encourage to have players work with and against other players). if the Hatman does not manage to roll a 3 on their turn, they must keep the hat until their turn comes around again.


***The Hat man Drinking Game Ends when everyones out of beer***


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