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century club drinking game

Drinking Game

Century Club / Centurion

Century Club Drinking Game - Timer

Century Club drinking game, or Centurion is a hard-core drinking game for hard-core drinkers. The concept is simple enough – Drink 1 ounce of beer every minute for 100 minutes. Now, if you add that up, you’ll come close to 8 bottles of beer. I know….you know lots of people that can handle 8 beers Heck, you yourself can probably even handle 8 beers. But can you handle 8 beers taken one ounce at a time from a shot glass on the minute, every minute, for 100 minutes (1 hour, 40 min)



Century Club Drinking Games Rules

Players: 2 or more (Or alone if your O.K. with that…)

Materials: A case of Beer, Shot Glass each

Object: To make it 100 minutes.


  • Have a shot glass for each player sitting in front of them.
  • Plenty of beer handy.
  • One player’s in charge of keeping time. Another is in charge of filling the shot glasses each time they’re empty.
  • The timer keeps track of every minute. When a minute comes, everyone must do their shot of beer.
  • Players are not allowed washroom breaks.
  • If anyone gets sick or goes to the washroom, they are out.
  • Good Luck!


Century Club Drinking Game Timer


***Century Club Drinking Game Ends by Elimination.
Last Player Standing!***

Important: As with any drinking game or night out, please drink responsibly and do not go past your limits. Some people can handle a LOT more drinks than others. You know your own limits. Puking in and of itself is not fun, let alone getting alcohol poisoning or not remembering what happened the night before.


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