The Pot Drinking Game

the pot drinking game

The Pot Drinking Game

a.k.a King’s Cup

A variation of Ring of Fire, The Pot Drinking Game has a jug, cup or “pot” in the center of the table. This game is also commonly known as Kings Cup. Depending on the cards each player draws, some will have to pour a couple of fingers worth of their drink, be it a beer, a cooler, or mixed drink, into “the pot”. The loser must drink the whole pot!

the pot drinking game - Kings Cup

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Deck of Cards, Plenty of Booze, a large cup or jug in the middle (i.e. The Pot)

Object: To have a lot of fun and socialize

Directions: The deck of cards is placed face-down, spread out in a circle or ring with “The Pot” in the middle. Players sit around the ring and the person the most sober goes first. They pick up a card and must follow the rule that applies to that card.

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The Pot Drinking Game

  • 2 – Take 2 Drinks – Player takes 2 drinks immediately.
  • 3 – Give 3 Drinks – Player may assign 3 drinks to any other player of their choice.
  • 4 – Straight. The player opposite the player that drew the card, must drink 4 fingers worth.
  • 5 – Reverse – The player that played immediately before you must drink 4 fingers worth.
  • 6 – Categories. The player selects a category and everyone in turn around the circle must name something in that category. Examples; Sport Cars, Designers, Athletes, etc… as soon as someone can’t think of anything in that category, they must drink (each player has a 3 second count to think of something and it can’t be anything said already in that category).
  • 7 -Ladies Drink. All ladies playing must take a drink.
  • 8 – Gents Drink. All guys playing must take a drink.
  • 9 – Rhyme Time. The player must think of two rhyming sentences. Everyone takes turns rhyming with it until someone can’t think of one (following the above rules for categories)
  • 10 – Thumbmaster – This player is now the Thumbmaster. They may place their thumb anywhere visible (on themselves, on the table etc) and all the other players must copy. The last player to notice, drinks. The Thumbmaster may use this at any time during the game. The thumb master keeps his / her status until the next 10 is drawn.
  • JACK – Propose a Toast (social drink). The player can make a toast to anything they like and everyone must drink to it.
  • QUEEN – “Never have I ever” – Play a round once around the circle of “Never have I ever.” Start the sentence off with the phrase and continue on with something you’ve never done and anyone playing that has done that thing must drink. E.g. Never have I ever gone bungee jumping, had sex on the first date, been to a strip club etc
  • KING – Washroom Card – Players are not allowed to go to the washroom while playing the game or they are immediately disqualified. If you drawn a King you may keep it with you and use it while playing as a washroom pass.
  • ACE – The Pot – The player to draw an ace must pour some of their drink in the middle of The Pot. The Fourth Ace drawn means that that player must drink everything in The Pot. Hence, the pot drinking game!


***The Pot Drinking Game Ends when someone has to drink The Pot!***

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