Simple & Fun Drinking Game: Pick Up Sticks

Cool Drinking Games: Pick Up Sticks | Fun Drinking Games

A bit of a funny drinking game, Pick Up Sticks is a cool drinking game you can play while you’re building up your buzz at the club. The only thing you need to play this bar drinking game is a bunch of toothpicks which you should be able to get from the bartender / server.
This is primarily a 2 person drinking game and is really just something to do to pass the time.

Cool Drinking Games: Pick Up Sticks | Fun Drinking Games [Transcript]

Hey there, Reese Richards from! So, today we’ve got a little bar game, ok? A drinking game. So, uh… picture this: you’re sitting at the pub, you know, and you’re just kind of getting started with the night, and, uh, you and your mate, you’re just kind of drinking and kind of watching the people come in. So here’s something you can do… a really simple game that you can do, just to have some fun, pass the time, and get some drinks down. So, just go to the bar and get fifteen toothpicks, ok? If they don’t have toothpicks, you can get matches if they have matches.
So, fifteen toothpicks or matches, ok? And all you do is you scatter them out in front of you on the table and, very simply, one person starts… they’re able to take either one, two, or three toothpicks at a time. Ok? One, two or three toothpicks at a time. So, first person starts, takes one or two or three toothpicks. The next person, same thing. And then the person that takes the last toothpick is the loser, and that person drinks. So, you know, one person takes two, I take three, my buddy takes one, I take two, he takes two, I take one, he takes three… I lose. Ok? I take the last toothpick, so I lose, and I do a shot or take a drink of my beer, or sip… ok? So, very simple game. Fifteen toothpicks… something that you can do when you are just starting out the night at the club.