St Patricks Day Trivia

st patricks day trivia

St Patricks Day Trivia

St Patrick’s Day Trivia is a great way to get your Patty celebrating customers in the doors early and everyone having a good time. It’s time to dress up in green, eat green food, drink green drinks, and likely throw-up green ‘bits ‘n pieces’, as the Irish would say. We’ve put together some Irish trivia questions about Ireland as well as some thoughtful Irish proverbs.

“May ye enjoy St Patty’s Day with a belly full o’Guinness ‘n a twinkle in yer eye.”

Irish Trivia Questions

St Patricks Day Trivia

ShamrockHow long is the lease on the Guinness brewery in Dublin for?

  1. 9 years
  2. 90 years
  3. 900 years
  4. 9 000 years

Answer: D – They have a 9 000 year lease at a perpetual rate of 45 Irish pounds per year


ShamrockTRUE OR FALSE – A group of farmers constructed a complete golf course by their hands, spades and rakes.

Answer: TRUE – County Mayo’s Carne Golf Links, which was built between 1987 and 1993


ShamrockMuckanaghederdauhaulia is the name of what?

  1. The name of a mean and nasty leprechaun
  2. The longest river in Ireland
  3. The longest name of a town in Ireland
  4. A pray you say before getting into a bar fight

Answer: C – the name of a place in County Galway


ShamrockThe Irish have a tri-coloured flag of orange, white and green, what do they represent?

Answer: The Orange represents the protestants, the Green represents the Catholics, and the White represents HOPE that they will find peace between them


ShamrockWhat is still the most tuned into radio show in Ireland?

  1. U2 fm
  2. The Obituaries broadcast
  3. The Catholic Hour
  4. The IRA report

Answer: B – The local obituaries broadcast is still the most widely listened to radio channel


ShamrockWhich non-sensical word was created by a Dublin man in a bet to see if he could create and spread a new word around town in 48 hours?

Answer: QUIZ


St Patricks Day Trivia

ShamrockHave does the circle in the celtic cross represent?

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Eternity
  4. Unity

Answer: A – the Irish pagan symbol of the sun was used to teach above the cross


ShamrockTRUE OR FALSE – The Irish think it’s tradition to wear green on St Patricks Day?

Answer: FALSE – The traditional color was blue in St Patrick’s time. Then it changed to green, but most people don’t wear green and only pin a shamrock to their coat


ShamrockWhat percentage of U.S. presidents have Irish ancestry?

  1. 50%
  2. 40%
  3. 30%
  4. 20%

Answer: B – 40%


ShamrockWhat famous novel turned into a Hollywood film about a bloodsucker was written in a Dublin pub?

Answer: Bram Stoker was working in Dublin as a civil Servant when he wrote Dracula


ShamrockWhere was the very first St Patrick’s Day parade held?

  1. New York 1721
  2. Sydney 1798
  3. Montreal 1735
  4. Boston 1737

Answer: D – In Boston in 1737 by the Charitable Irish Society


ShamrockTRUE OF FALSE – The Irish birthday tradition is to turn a child upside-down and bump their head on the floor for the number of years they are.

Answer: TRUE – Plus one more for good luck!


ShamrockWhat became legal in 1997 in Ireland?

  1. Prostitution
  2. Drinking age 16
  3. Divorce
  4. Marriage at 14

Answer: C – Divorce became legal in Ireland in 1997


St Patricks Day Trivia

ShamrockIreland’s national symbol is one-of-a-kind, what is it?

Answer: The Celtic Harp. Ireland is the only country in the world to use an instrument as a national symbol


ShamrockWhat does it mean to “drown the shamrock”?

  1. To put shamrocks into your glass and drown them with whisky
  2. Down with the IRA
  3. Put hand-fulls of shamrock into the river to spread around Ireland
  4. The sound of an Irish crying

Answer: A – Drowning the shamrocks pinned to your coat at the end of St Patricks Day


ShamrockIf in a last name Mac means “Son of”, what does the “O” mean? For example: O’Reilly, O’Grady….

Answer: It means “Grandson of”


ShamrockWhat Irish liqueur is the most popular in the world?

  1. Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream
  3. Drambuie
  4. Irish Mist

Answer: B – Bailey’s Irish Cream is the most popular liqueur in the world


ShamrockTRUE OR FALSE – Is the potato native to Ireland?

Answer: FALSE – Sir Walter Raleigh, a British explorer, brought the potato to Ireland in 1589


ShamrockApproximately how many pubs per person are there said to be to in Ireland

St Patricks Day Trivia


  • 1 to every 100
  • 1 to every 350
  • 1 to every 750
  • 1 to every 1000


Answer: B – 1 pub for every 350 people


ShamrockWhere was St Patrick from?

Answer: St Patrick was born in Wales into a wealthy roman-christian family and kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland


ShamrockWhat does “Erin go Bragh” mean?

  1. Irish bragging rights
  2. Brave Irish
  3. Ireland Forever
  4. Go British

Answer: C – Ireland Forever


ShamrockWhere did the term “Paddy Wagon” come from?

Answer: If the drunk Irish were arrested, they’d all say their names were Paddy


Actors Quotes

Which Famous Actors said the following quotes?


“The Irish seem to have more fire about them than the Scots.”

ShamrockAnswer: Sean Connery


“I have a thing for red-haired Irish boys, as we know.”

ShamrockAnswer: Sandra Bullock


“I’m Irish. I think about death all the time.”

ShamrockAnswer: Jack Nicholson


“When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.”

ShamrockAnswer: Peter O’Toole


“I couldn’t care less about who sees my bits… My friends asked how I could do scenes like that and not get excited, but it wasn’t like that. My bits looked the size of a cashew nut!”

ShamrockAnswer: Colin Farrell


“Some mornings you wake up and think, gee I look handsome today. Other days I think, what am I doing in the movies? I wanna go back to Ireland and drive a forklift.”

ShamrockAnswer: Liam Neeson


“I had to have some balls to be Irish Catholic in South London. Most of that time I spent fighting.”

ShamrockAnswer: Pierce Brosnan


Irish Proverbs

Don’t break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.

If you dig a grave for others, you might fall into it yourself.

A diplomat must always think twice before he says nothing.

What butter and whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.

Never tell secrets to your relatives’ children.

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

St Patrick's Day



If that wasn’t enough Saint Paddy’s Day fun for you, be sure to check out our St. Patrick’s Day Activities page as well as our St. Patricks Day Drinks page.

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