Rugby World Cup Promotions

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Rugby World Cup Promo

[Reader Submission from Thailand] Bar Events and Bar Promotions:  Rugby World Cup Promo

We run a sports bar and made these promotions for the Rugby World Cup in 2011.

  1. Girls in skirts get one free cocktail – we used sponsored liquor to make the cocktail.
  2. 3 for 1 for all Drinks.
  3. Free Half-Time Snacks
  4. Buy 5 beers and win merchandise (rugby jerseys, rugby balls etc)
  5. Free cocktail shots on days where England was playing (there are a lot of Brits in Thailand).

We ended up making so much business that I actually started to think if rugby is that way or were customers coming because of the promotions. It took me hard to keep up with the business demand that come in but by the time the semi finals and finals came in i was all prepared and all went well.



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