How to Have a Black Light Party

How to Have a Black Light Party

by End Zone Bar

[Reader Submission] Bar Events and Bar Promotions: How to Have a Black Light Party

We start off by covering all our walls and tables with white paper. Then we replace all regular bulbs with black lights (or you can head to a party supply store and rent black lights). We encourage costumers to wear white (throw-away) T-shirts.

The bar supplies the neon markers and provides glow bracelets and necklaces as well.

We advertise that people are welcome to come and tag EVERYTHING! They are able to write on the walls, tables etc – anything that is covered in white – as well as other people’s throw away white T-shirts. This allows guests to show off their graffiti skills.

You may also want to consider buying white T-shirts for customers that didn’t bring a white T-shirt.

Black Light Parties are a lot of fun and they pack in the crowds every time!!

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out how to have a black light party.  If you advertise an event like this it could take off to a point where you host a black light party at your venue every month.


Thanks End Zone Bar for your submission on how to have a black light party to pack the people in.


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