Adelaide Amateur Pole Star Bar Event

 Amateur Pole Star Bar Event

by Joel Warner
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Amateur Pole Star Bar Event

[Reader Submission] Amateur Pole Dancing Competition

After sourcing what is undoubtably the best Pole Dancing School in Adelaide, Australia, we ran a competition within the venue for the students. The competition side was handled beautifully by the school owner, it was (actually still is) a competition giving her students the chance to increase their confidence and abilities in a friendly environment.

For us – the Cove Tavern in Australia –  it was a chance to do something not done before in South Australia, promote and support a sport often either overlooked or misunderstood and of course, bring in customers.

My theory at the start was to have a show that was “Sexy, not slutty” to really showcase the dancers abilities and to also provide the kind of entertainment where an 18 year old lad would be comfortable watching it sitting next to his mother.

The hardest part was promoting the initial event while competing with the common stereotyping that the sport has encountered, with which a few well handled questions from the public were put to rest. One of my biggest fears was alienating our regular clientele in the hope that we could bring some new faces to the venue. As it turned out, the regulars enjoy the show and new faces are coming in and seeing what we have to offer as a venue in its entirety. I see it as a kind of “Battle of the Bands” concept, but fresh and innovative.

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