1/2 Price Wine Night And Guest Bartender

1/2 price Wine Night and Guest Bartender

by Paul (San Diego, Ca, USA)

[Reader Submission] Two Bar Promotions:

  1. 1/2 Price Wine Night
  2. Guest Bartenders

Every Monday Night all night long we have 1/2 price bottle wines. Excluded are the Allocated wines.

It has boosted our average Monday sales by 38%. Many locals look forward to trying a new wine they normally would not have before.

Every Tuesday has become our MOST POPULAR with the induction of GUEST BARTENDER. Come in, sign up, (typically a 2 to 3 month wait) and the guest invites friends, family and colleagues to come in while he/she pours from 4-8pm.

The Guest Bartender (99% of the time) will donate the tips they earn to a local charity or fundraiser. Our actual bartender gets 20% of the Guest Bartenders take.

Last week our Guest Bartender earned $10,000.00 for the Boys/Girls Club. Our local news recently got word and did a story on us. Needless to say we may be adding guest bartenders to Wednesdays as well.

Every week I get guests of our Guest Bartender inform me they’ve never even been here before and will be coming back to dine. And they do.

An excellent way to increase the number of customers coming in as well as sales. This event also gets people talking which is, as you know, great for business.

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