Jello Shots

So you wanna Make Jello Shots?

I don’t blame you, they’re awesome!

jello syringes on st. pattys day

What you DON’T DO when making jello shots is simply replace all the water with alcohol when mixing up a box of Jello…

Making jello shots and jello syringes taste good should be your primary goal. If you use too much alcohol, it becomes over-powering and it just tastes like a jelly version of the alcohol you’re using.

Of course, getting the right mix so that the jello actually sets is pretty darn important too – else you’ve only created a new jello drink…not a jello shot.

Once you perfect the right proportions of hot and cold liquid, (i.e. water, alcohol, juice, Red Bull etc), you have to next think about the combinations of alcohol that you will be using. And then, about how that pairing works with the flavour of jello you choose.

For example, Peach Schnapps goes well with most flavours, but I’d stay away from pairing it with grape or even lime jello.

I’ve broken this page down into 3 categories:

How to make Jello Shots

Learn the ins and outs of jello shot making. Avoid the mistakes I’ve already made for you, follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be the hit of the party in no time.

Jello Shot Recipes

Certain alcohols should not be used when making jello shots. And certain alcohols are perfect for making jello shots. Find out which is which with this list of delicious jello shot recipes.

Best jello shots

And finally, a collection of my very favourite jello shot recipes – each jello shot recipe tried and tested 😉

Video Tutorial

If the instructions are a little much, please watch my on how to make Jello shots.


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