How To Make Jello Shots Video

how to make jello shots

How to Make Jello Shots
Video Tutorial

Sometimes the instructions look worse than they are. In this how to make jello shots video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you just how easy it is.

Have fun with your Jello shot creations. Visit our Jello Shots Recipe page for some more tasty ideas. We have shared our best jello shot recipes like the classics Amaretto Sourz, Alabama Slammer, and Raspberry Black Forest Cake.

Some other ideas are themed Jello shots for a Christmas, St. Patty’s Day or Halloween. Make red and green for Christmas or orange for Halloween and put gummy worms, bits of candy cane, or add some dye to make your own colours. With dye, your Jello will still taste great!

How to Make Jello Shots Video Tutorials

Not as complicated of a process as most people think. Choose your recipes and get all your ingredients. If you only want to make the very basic of jello shooters, vodka paired with most flavors of jello will always taste great. (Vodka + lime, raspberry, strawberry, orange, etc…)

Measure 1 cup of boiling water for each package of jello your are using and 1 cup of the alcohol of your choice. Pre-measure your hot water and alcohol. If you need your jello shot ready within 2 hours, mix ice with your alcohol so the jello will set faster. Empty your package of jello into a mixing bowl and add the hot water. Stir until the powder has all dissolved. Once it has all dissolved, add the cold alcohol. Stir until all the ice has melted and it has reached about room temperature. Once that is all done your ready to put your jello into cups and let sit in the fridge for approximately 2 hours.

[Video Transcript] How to Make Jello Shots Video Tutorial

How To Make Jello Shots Video

Hi there! Reese Richards here from In today’s bartending tutorial we’re going to show you on “How to Make Jello Shots” or in this case “Jello Syringes”. Obviously the way to prepare them is the same just the method of delivery is different. And, we’re going to make it simple. Today we’re going to do Twizzlers – raspberry jello and xxx. So, the rocks glass is approximately 1 cup – you can leave a little bit of the top. So we’re gonna use this as our measuring glass. The water in there is boiling right now so it’s burning my hands. So you need 1 cup of boiling water per Jello package – the equivalent amount of alcohol or/and ice. So, first we’re going to put our package of Jello into the mixing container and in this case, a pitcher. We’re gonna add our boiling hot water and we’re gonna stir that around until it’s all dissolve at the bottom. When the Jello is dissolving, we’re going to measure out 8 ounces of alcohol. But for me in this case when we make them for the bar, we like them to set a little bit quicker so we add some ice. But as much ice as you put in, try to calculate how much alcohol or liquid that’s taking away from. So say you might have an ounce of water because of the ice cubes in here, so then you might put 7 ounces. So, we’re just going to measure what is approximately 7 ounces; we know that a finger length is 8 ounces from the top. So about 2 finger lengths to make it 7 ounces. We put the 7 ounces into our chill shaker. Just let that chill and make sure that this(Jello) again is all dissolved – very important that all of the crystals gets dissolved. When it’s all dissolved you can go ahead and mix your alcohol into the pitcher. Now we want to continue to mix this(pitcher) until the ice cubes are dissolved and it reaches about room temperature. And once that happens, which is fairly quickly, then you do the fun part. Just take your syringe, dunk it in and suck up some Jello goodness. Okay, and then you find a way to place them upside down in a rack of some type. Someone can get this stored upright and then put in the fridge for approximately 2 hours. And when it comes out it will be a Jello Syringe Shooter, a Red Twizzler Jello Syringe Shooter. This has been a bartending tutorial from, my name is Reese Richards. Thanks.

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