Ice Shot Glass

Ice Shot Glass Molds

Ice Shot Glass Mold
Arctic Ice Shot Glasses are so easy to make and add so much fun. Instead of using boring old regular glass shot glasses, or even worse, plastic! A shot from one of these Ice Shot Glass is so sublime. No matter what alcohol or Shooter Recipes you’ve got in there, it is guaranteed to be cold and delicious.


Ice Shot GlassYou can make the Arctic Ice Shots by just adding water into the trays or you can make them much more tasty by freezing juice in the trays instead of water. And people feeling really bananas can even make their ice shot from their favourite cocktails or with Red Bull.

Some suggestions are:

  • Cranberry Juice
  • Lemon or Lime Mix (Sweet and Sour Mix)
  • Mixed Berry Juice
  • Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Juice, etc…
  • Your Favorite Liqueur

Arctic Ice Shot Glass Molds

Arctic Shotz Kits comes
in 4 sizes:


  • 6 pack – UDS $ 7.14



  • 20 pack – USD $ 23.70



  • 60 pack – USD $ 71.70



  • 120 pack – USD $ 119.70


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Ice Shot Glass

All you need to know for instructions:

  • Make desire mix
  • Fill tray with mix
  • Place caps on top
  • Let Freeze for approximately 2 hours
  • Remove cap and enjoy!

Another great feature about the Arctic Shots is that you are able to leave the “bottoms” on so that your hands stay relatively dry and there is no mess.

So for your next cocktail party, make the theme Antarctic and serve everyone some perfectly chilly shooters.


Some Ice Shot Glass Recipes

Arctic Sunrise

Fill with orange juice and a dash of Grenadine. Great served with chilled Tequila and fresh lime juice.

Red, White & Blue

Add Sour Raspberry Liqueur and let freeze for about half an hour. Next add water and again let freeze for 30 mins. Lastly finish filling the shots with Blue Curacao. Freeze & serve. Very cool!!

Minty Velvet

Fill with water and then add a dash of Creme de Menthe. Prefect for chilled Irish Cream.

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