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Bomb Drink a.k.a the Bomb Shot

Bomb shots or bomb drinks are all the rage now. A bomb drink is basically just a shot of some type of alcohol dropped into a mixer of some type.   Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of bomb drinks.

Probably the most common old-school type of bomb drink is a boilermaker which includes a shot of whiskey and a beer. In some places people will simply drink the shot of whiskey and chase it with a beer. And in other places, they’ll drink it like a bomb drink and drop the shot of whiskey in the beer and drink them together.   We should issue a fair warning here – depending on the type and size of the glasses you’re using, the shot glass could slam against your lips and cause you to spill stuff everywhere.  Just be careful when you put the glass with the shot glass inside that the shot glass is going to slide up the glass and a speed determined by how fast you chug the contents.  As with anything, practice makes perfect!

This is what we’re talking about when we say bomb shot or bomb drink – some type of alcohol being “bombed” into a mixer.  Today, the most popular bomb drink is the Jager Bomb – a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of energy drink such as Red Bull.

bomb drinkAs a bar owner or manager, bomb drinks are cool because they’re fun for customers to drink and they always gets other patrons watching and inquiring about them afterwards.

As a bar patron or owner, if you’ve already ‘been there done that’ with the Jager bombs, then it’s time to explore some new bomb drink recipes.

Bomb drinks can be a lot of fun but make sure that, as the bartender, you’re aware that these types of shots can have a quicker and more extreme effect than regular shots.  Be careful and keep a close eye on any customers ordering bomb drink after bomb drink.

We’ve listed off 9 bomb shot drink recipes including the Skittles bomb, Sake bomb and the Obama bomb in our Bomb Shot Infographic

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