Bar Tricks Bridging The Gap

Easy Bar Tricks and Bar Bets

Bridging the Gap Bar Trick

Every good bartender should know a few easy bar tricks. Whether its a simple bar trick or a more elaborate one that takes some time to set up, pub tricks are a brilliant way to entertain guests.

Not only do they entertain guests and keep them in the bar longer, but they also increase customer interaction and ultimately, the bartender’s tip.

In this bar tricks video tutorial, Reese Richards shows you how to perform this easy bar trick involving 3 glasses and a bill. The bet is to balance the 3rd glass in the space above the other two glasses…using only the bill.

Place the two glasses a glass width apart.

The bet is to see if your opponent can create a bridge and balance the third glass on top of the glasses with a bill.

The only way to possibly make the bill strong enough to hold the weight of the bill is to fold it in an accordion style. Fold repeatedly length-ways from one side of the bill to the other and place it on top of the two glasses like a bridge. Now place the third glass on top of the bill.

Bar Tricks Bridging The Gap

Good Luck!

[Video Transcript] Easy Bar Tricks Video Tutorial: Bridging the Gap Bar Trick

Bar Tricks Bridging The Gap

Hi there, it’s Reese Richards here from with another bar trick. So for this trick we’ll need 3 pint glasses and a bill – any kind of bill. And you want to place the pint glasses far apart from each other that another pint glass on top would fall in between them. OK. But not so far apart that it is further than the length of the bill. Ok so, about there with maybe an inch on either side of the bill just enough for that extra glass to fall through. And the bet is, i bet you that his 20 Canadian dollars that i can balance this glass on top of a paper bridge of this bill. OK. So that is the trick. Make a bridge with the bill that it supports that glass – when you put the glass on top. And the answer, you can try it many ways.. little triangles and stuff, and either way you do it it’s not strong enough. The only one way to do it is to strengthen the bill – so that it actually holds across both – is to fold the bill into an accordian style. OK. So i can do this in front of you here and i’m just gonna make small folds, one after the other. after the other. Try to keep them even. xxx you should have after your finished is a little accordian bridge. And spread this out. Ok, you don’t want to spread it out too far because you’ll lose the strength. Spread a little bit here then place that between the two glasses and with any luck, it should hold.