Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning

Bar Tipping Etiquette Video Series

Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning


Tipping Etiquette #3 – Tip Well in Beginning | How to Tip at a Bar

Reese Richards here, from barsandbartending.com! And you’re at the bar.

You’ve ordered the drink, and now it’s time to tip.  So.  So, rules when tipping – tip well in the beginning.

The first drink that you get… ok, this is an awesome rule, ok? So, you go to the bar and you order your first drink, and let’s say it’s a beer, ok? It’s $5, and you leave $10, ok?

That’s double. You don’t have to leave $10 all the time, but you leave $10 that first time, and the bartender’s gonna remember you.

The next time I see your face, I’m coming straight to you, I’m gonna take care of you.  Ok?

Leave a good tip in the beginning, and the bartender’s gonna remember you.

Don’t forget to tip every drink, though. Not $5.  Tip the regular 15 to 20%, ok?

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Oh fuck you, asshole. Bartenders NEVER give you special service for tipping. That’s a load of fucking horseshit and you know it. It’s a lie perpetuated by bartenders to get people to give them free fucking money.

Source; I’ve been going to bars for over 13 years all over the Pacific Northwest and California. Never once given special service for a good tip.

im not trying to be an asshole here so just listen to what i have to say..im a british guy. in britain we DO NOT and WILL NOT tip for every drink! your wages are what you EARN. i am prepared to give a tip if i receive good service, the drinks were tasty, i wasn’t waiting too long, barman was talkative and helpful etc etc..why the fuck do you americans have the audacity to EXPECT to be tipped every fucking time i order? what the fuck!…such a load of bullshit! if you deserve a tip youl get one

Thanks for the comment about how to tip at the bar. I agree with you that a bartender should try to serve people on a first come first served basis but in a busy nightclub, sometimes it’s difficult to know who at the bar got there first and who’s actually waiting for drinks. So when a bartender is scanning, it’s human nature to remember the people who tipped big previously.

I agree that tipping high first is going to have a positive effect on the bar tender and make the subsequent service experience better. I disagree though in the respect that the bar tender should come straight to the person waiting in the first place and serve the customers in order of when they arrived at the bar – not in order of tippers, friends or whatever. The overall tipping throughout the time in the bar will ultimately reflect the service.

You’re a natural bar star. You knew the rules before you even knew there were rules to be known.

Haha so no wonder everytime I go to a bar I usually give $5-6 tip my first 2 beers or so the bartender knows me

It’s videos and tutorials like this one that makes tipping bad and all the bartenders out there who share this mentality. You’re basically downsizing and putting it in another way by saying, I shouldn’t offer each person equal and excellent service unless my attention and favortism is bought by me, the paying customer. Wow, bartenders are total douchebags……

If you’re going to do that, make sure you tell the bartender what you’re intentions are in the first place. That way, he’ll remember your face and be quick about serving you when you come back to the bar for your next round of drinks.

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