Tipping Etiquette #1- Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Tipping Etiquette #1

Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Tipping is not a city in China – it’s a standard practice in the North American hospitality industry.

In this video above, Reese Richards gives you some insight on how to tip properly when at a bar – otherwise called bar tipping etiquette.

This is the first in the series of our bar tipping etiquette videos called Don’t Point Out Your Tips.

Watch all the videos in the tipping etiquette series and learn how to tip properly at a bar / club. What your parents didn’t teach you about tipping etiquette, we will.

Tipping Etiquette #1- Don’t Point Out Your Tips

Reese Richards here, from barsandbartending.com!

And, you’re at the bar! You’ve ordered the drink, and now it’s time to tip.

So, So, rules when tipping…

First rule: don’t point out how much you’ve tipped. Ok, the bartender… he can see how much you’ve tipped; and to point it out just kinda makes you look like a loser, right?

“Hey, hey, hey.. that $2.. that $2, that’s from me. Hey bartender. Right there, that’s mine.”  Ok, thanks!  Thanks… whoa.  Ok, you tipped.  $2, ok thanks.

Honestly, it makes you look like a dick. Don’t point out tips.


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