Prairie Fire Shots

How to make Prairie Fire Shots

Guaranteed to tingle your senses

The Prairie Fire shot is usually saved for the birthday guy or for bachelor parties as it’s not too easy to swallow. ¬†Since prairie fire shots contain Tabasco, it can get a little hot – especially if you have the type of friends who think its funny to add half an ounce of it! Remember, the more Tabasco sauce is added, the harsher it tastes but also the redder the prairie fire shooter will be – so watch for the color.

Prairie Fire Shot Video Tutorial

What you’ll need:Pairie Fire Shot

    • Tequila
    • Tabasco Sauce
    • Shot glass

What you do:

  • Step 1
      Fill the shot glass with Tequila leaving a bit of room at the top for your Tabasco sauce.
  • Step 2
      Add as much or as little Tabasco Sauce as you like. Usually three of four drops will suffice but if you really like the person…. add a bit more!
  • Step 3
      Give it to someone, sit back and watch their reaction or if you’re a big believer or No Pain, No Gain, enjoy it yourself!

Remember that the prairie fire shot can actually taste okay to some people when made with just a couple of drops of hot sauce. Don’t be THAT friend and dump half the bottle of Tabasco in your buddy’s shot – especially if he’s the guy that doesn’t like hot stuff.

Play safe with this one people!


[Video Transcript] How to Make Prairie Shots Video Tutorial

Prairie Fire Shots

Hi there, Reese Richards from and today we’re going to do the Prairie Fire Shooter. This shooter is usually reserved for birthdays or your sworn enemies because it’s not the best tasting. OK. Two ingredients: Tequila and hot sauce. So, we’ll make 3 shots here and we’ll do vary degrees of heat on this shots. So the first one with nice and easy couple of drops, just to get some color. The next one maybe a little more – the redder it is, the more powerful it’s going to be or more disgusting it’s going to taste. And, the 3rd one we’ll just fill it puppy right here. Okay, so there you have your prairie fire. This is for someone you don’t like, maybe a birthday drink. This for some you don’t really like so much and this is for someone you really can’t stand or the guy that’s taking your girl. Thanks.

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