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Coors Light, Miller & Anchor

Beer neon signs are an excellent way to both decorate your bar, pub or club as well as letting customers know what kind of beers you have available. And, when hung in the window of your establishment, its a telltale sign letting onlookers know there’s a bar ahead.

Beer Neon, Neon beer signs
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Neon Beer Signs
Below we’ve listed off a number or different beer neon signs that we stock in our bar store. To purchase these signs and have them delivered to your home or bar, simply click on the link or the image and you’ll be taken to our online bar store where you can complete your order and checkout.

Beer Neon – Coors Light Mountains

beer neon
One of the most popular beers around, straight from the mountains of Colorado, this beer neon sign is the perfect addition to any pub, club or home bar.

Dimensions: 22″ (w) x 13″ (h) x 4.75″ (d)

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Beer Neon – Coors Light Bottle

If you’re not satisfied with the “regular” Coors Light mountain beer neon sign, than you’re sure to like the outlined full bottle Coors Light neon. It’s like a beacon of light, glowing ever so invitingly to thirsty travellers everywhere.

Dimensions: 13″ (w) x 22″ (h) x 4.75″ (d)

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Coors Light Lightbox

Looking for something a little more upscale than neon? Try our Coors lightboxes. These lightboxes have two lamps inside which shine through the plastic Coors Light logo – creating, what some might say is a classier looking beer sign.Dimensions: 15″ (h) x 30″ (w) x 4″(d)

bar neon

Coors Lightbox

beer neon

If you like your beer and beer signage a little stronger, here’s a Coors lightbox – the original Coors.

Dimensions: 15″ (h) x 30″ (w) x 4″(d)

Bar Neon – Miller Lite

beer neon

Display this Miller Lite neon sign in your bar or home to let all your friends know that you’re a Miller fan.

Dimensions: 24.5″ (w) x 17″ (h) x 6.25″ (d)

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Bar Neon – Miller Genuine Draft

beer neon

If you like it from the tap and so do your customers, take a look at this Miller Genuine Draft neon sign. If you’re serving MGD in the bottle or from the tap, let everyone know by hanging this Miller Genuine Draft sign on your walls.

“Sorry, this item is no longer available.”

Bar Neon – Anchor Steam

beer neon

If you’re an Anchor beer fan, show it off by displaying this neon Anchor sign on your walls. Honestly, whether you like (or have even tried) the beer, its still a cool sign to have hanging in your den or bachelor pad.

“Sorry, this item is no longer available.”

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