Bar Novelties Increase the Fun Factor

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Incorporating Bar Novelty Items for a Bigger WOW Factor

If you’re running bar events and promotions (like every bar should be), don’t overlook the use of bar novelties to increase customer participation, engagement, enjoyment and the overall fun factor. In a previous post about how to ensure your events are successful, we talked about making sure everyone who comes out to your bar event has a good time – even if it’s only a handful of people!  A great way to do this is by having bar novelties on hand to incorporate into the event itself or to use as giveaways or prizes.

Jello Shot Injectors – Jello syringes or jello shot injectors are a great way to bring some tasty fun into your club or bar promotion.  Because jello shooters are generally made with less than 1.5oz of alcohol in each 1.5oz syringe, the profit margins are higher than on regular shooters – and they are way more fun for the customers.  The syringes are also reusable so you can run them through the dishwasher and use them night after night.

Jello Injector Accessories – If you plan on incorporating jello injectors into your bar promotion, make sure you pick up a jello shot syringe display rack otherwise things start to get messy.

Glow Sticks / Glow Bracelets / Glow in the Dark Necklaces – bar novelties - glow braceletsEveryone loves glow in the dark stuff!  Use glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces for events such as a Stoplight Party where everyone who comes in gets a green, yellow or red glow in the dark necklace glow stick or glow in the dark bracelet.

Beer Pong Frozen Rack – bar novelties beer pong gameBeer pong is an iconic drinking game that is known throughout colleges around the world.  Some states / countries are a little more strict than others when it comes to playing drinking games in a bar.  If the law is on your side, beer pong games can be a big draw and competitions keep people in your bar for longer.

These beer pong racks are freezable so you can keep your beer chilled while you’re playing!

Shooter Paddles / Paddle Shots bar novelties paddle shot boardShooter Paddles or Paddle Shotz Boards are 60 inch boards with holes for shot glasses spaced 10″ apart.  It’s a fun way for a group of people to do shots together.  You can hang these shooter paddles on your bars’ walls and they would essentially advertise themselves.  Use these as a special bar promo during big bar events or add this to the menu and keep the shots going out year round!

Alcohol Shotgun bar novelties - alcohol shotgunAlcohol and guns.  In normal circumstances we’d never recommend the two be combined.  Unless we’re talking about the alcohol shotgun!  This cool little bar novelty item holds 1.5oz of your favourite liquor.  Give it to your cocktail waitresses during bar events as a novel way for customers to take shots.

Russian Roulette Revolver bar novelties - russian roulette shooter revolverFrom alcohol shotguns straight into alcohol filled six shooters.  These Russian Roulette Revolvers take the whole death thing out of the game.  When tables order shots in your bar, have the server bring them over these Russian Roulette Revolvers along with their shots. There’s one shot in the chamber, who’s it going to be?

Plastic Penis Shooter Cups bar novelties - penis shot glassesThese plastic penis shooter cups aren’t for everyone but they’re perfect for certain types of events like bachelorette parties (and as gag shots for the most manly of men).

Spin the Shot bar novelties - spin the shot– Remember Spin the Bottle?  Well this is the grown-up version.  Spin the Shot is a cool little drinking game or drinking apparatus that turns taking shots into a spin-the-bottle type game.  Use this little shot spinning game as a warm up drinking game before the main event during your next bar promotion.


Bar Event Novelty Items for Giveaways

During every bar event or bar promotion, you should always have items to give away to the people who attend your event.  These giveaway items need to be cool and memorable so that your guests remember your event and your bar the next time they’re deciding where in town to go. You don’t have to buy all the items for your giveaways – talk to your liquor, beer and wine reps to see what you can get from them in the way of sponsorship items.

Candoms Beer Can Chillers – bar novelties - candoms beer chillerEveryone loves to keep their beer cold – but no one likes to lug around those foam can coolers.  Here’s the solution – a can cooler that rolls up over the can and then rolls back into a (condom looking) ring that you can easily carry in your pocket.

Flask Ties – bar novelties tie flaskThis is one cool bar gift!  These flask ties hold up to 8oz of booze and are available in different colors and styles.  They are clip on ties so you don’t have to worry about need to know how to tie a tie.

bar novelties - big bobber

Big Bobber Floating Cooler – Both cool and useful, the big bobber floating cooler comes in super handy in the pool, at the beach or on the lake.  This beauty holds up to 12 ice cold cans of your favourite beverage.

Hanging Shot Glass – bar novelties - hanging shot glassesHanging shot glasses are pretty much just a plastic shot glass with a piece of string run through it so that you can hang it around your neck and have a shot glass ready and waiting.

These are great for bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc – anything where there’s bound to be a lot of shots going down.

bar novelties - how drunk glass coaster set

How Drunk Glass Coaster Set – This humorous little bar novelty item makes for a great door gift.  These glass coasters contain funny definitions of just how drunk you are.  6 coasters in all: Sober, Tipsy, Plastered, Drunk, Wasted and Hungover.

Remember that you want your event to stand out in people’s minds.  There is a lot of choice these days for where people can go and spend their money. Give people a reason to come out to your bar events and make sure they have a blast while they’re there.

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