Real World Bar Manager Resume Sample

Below you’ll find the founder of’s bar manager resume sample. We’ve included an older, written version as well as Reese Richards’ updated 4-page bar manager resume.

Writing a bar manager resume is pretty much the same as writing a bartender resume except that you’ll want to tailor your bar manager resume to areas of marketing and operations; showing your future employer what you can do to bring in more customers.
We’ve also broken down the sections that you’ll need to include when writing your own bar managers resume.

Keep in mind as you read through the resume writing tips below that your bar manager resume is an extension of you and your abilities – take as much pride in writing it as you will in the role for which you are applying.


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There are certain things to keep in mind when writing each section of your bar manager resume:

Objective – For a bartenders resume, an objective can be included or not – depending on your particular situation and the position you’re applying for. But when writing your bar manager resume, it’s wise to include an objective.
Education – if you feel your education is one of your strong suits, then you can put it before Work Experience. Let’s say that you have a bunch of certificates from bartending courses, mixology courses, customer service courses etc, add these to your education and list it before your work experience.
Accomplishments & Special Interests – this area is for the hiring manager to get to know you a little better. You can list things here like clubs you belong to, awards you received in and out of school, volunteer work that you do etc. Anything that paints a good picture – you want your bar manager resume to be a complete picture of yourself.
Languages – you may want to consider adding a section titled “Languages” if you speak more than one.
Computer Skills – You can add this section to highlight your experience with P.O.S systems and other computer skills you may have including any accounting software or experience with Microsoft suite or Adobe products.
References – if you come from out of town, you may want to include them on your resume. Otherwise, simply putting “available upon request” is fine – but bring your references with you to the bar interview.


Reese Richards

[email protected]

(555) 123-4567

Objective – to secure work in a managerial role in a fast-paced bar or nightclub where my skills and expertise can be continually tested and challenged.


  • adept at online marketing and the use of social media
  • excellent communication skills
  • very quick learn
  • highly self-motivated
  • exceptional team player
  • proven ability to excel under pressure


Work Experience

S.R.O Nightclub & Lounge, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

General Manager
Hired to revitalize the club and change its negative reputation by increasing the customer service standards to above-par as well as planning, organizing and implementing fun, new and entertaining events and marketing initiatives.

  • Responsible for running all aspects of the bar focusing on cleanliness, proper stocking, set-up, inventory procedures and exceptional customer service.
  • Implemented systems for staffing, scheduling, inventory, and training.
  • Planned and implemented an entire online marketing campaign including revising and updating their company website as well as developing a presence and posting on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc

Bliss Bar & Live Music Pub, Taipei, Taiwan

Managing Partner
Stripped out and renovated an existing 2-story bar and turned it into a live music pub / nightclub complete with a full kitchen and menu.

  • Responsible for the development and costing of the food and drink menus.
  • Ran both the front and back of the house including bartending and cooking when required.
  • Implemented inventory procedures that allowed us to cut costs and drastically cut back on internal theft.
  • Wrote a 30-page employee manual for all the staff.

Royal Oak Pubs, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

General Manager
Responsible for going into pubs that were struggling and turning them around.

  • Cleaned up and organized each of the 8 of their 11 pubs that I was sent to – bringing them back into profitability.
  • Increased sales at the Glebe Oak to their highest point since opening before leaving to move to Taiwan.


Royal Oak Pubs, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Assistant General Manager
Spent 8 months as an assistant manager before being promoted to G.M the following year.

  • Did the daily banking and deposits for the company.
  • Trained the staff and implemented stricter inventory procedures.
  • Responsible for coming up with marketing ideas to increase revenues for the pub.

Accomplishments & Special Interests

  • Smart Serve Certified
  • Have won numerous trophies, awards and medals for 8 and 9-ball pool competitions.
  • Graduated on the honours list at the top of my program at Algonquin College with a 3.87 GPA.
  • Performed a debut 15 minute stand-up comedy routine in Taipei, Taiwan at Cosmopolitan Grill in 2007.
  • Currently at a beginner level and studying Chinese in an effort to reach fluency within 2 more years.


Business Marketing
2000 Honours List, high GPA: 3.92

— References available upon request —

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Since the above sample bar managers resume was a bit simplified, we’ve added a full 4-page bar manager resume below.  And not just any bar managers resume – the founder of’s bar manager resume.

bar manager resume




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Now that you’re confident with writing your own bar manager resume, continue preparing for that bar manager’s position by following the bar interview and bar interview attire tips below.

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