Bar Etiquette #9: Can You Cover Me

Bar Manners – How NOT to Act at a Bar

Here’s the 9th in our Bar Etiquette NO NOs video series – this one’s called Can You Cover Me?

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #9 – Can you Cover Me? | Ordering at a Bar

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette Video #9 – Cover Me?

So you’re at the bar, and you’ve been drinking all night. And then, you’re counting your money up, right? So you come to the bar and I already see you counting your money, so I know that’s it’s not going to be… he’s not a big tipper, you know, he doesn’t even know if he has enough money to get another beer.

So, what do you do?

You think maybe it’ll be a good idea if I ask my friend here, my friend the bartender who’s been serving me all night… we’re buddies, yeah we’re buddies now.  He’s served me three, four, five drinks now.

So you ask the bartender: “Hey man, I only.. I only got five bucks. I know it’s $5.25 for a beer.  Do you think you can cover that for me?”

Do I think I can cover your beer for you?

So what you are asking the bartender in that case is, not only am I not going to tip you, but I would like you to reach into your pocket and grab 25 cents so I can continue drinking!

Don’t ask the bartender to cover your drinks. Ask your friends. Ask your girlfriend.  Your boyfriend. Not the bartender.


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