Bar Etiquette NO NOs #8: Hold My Purse

Bar Etiquette NO NO Video Series Number 8: Hold My Purse

Here’s the 8th in our Bar Manners video series – this one’s called Hold My Purse.

Bar Etiquette NO NOs #8 – Hold My Purse | Bar Manners

[TRANSCRIPT] Bar Etiquette Video Series Number 8 – Hold my Purse

So, you’re at the bar. Ladies, this one’s especially for you. Ok? You got a big purse. You don’t want to be carrying it around. You want to go to the dance floor. You want to be dancing, you don’t want to be weighed down by a purse.

You don’t feel safe just putting it down by your feet, so you go up to the bar and you ask the bartender: “Hey, could you put my purse behind… just behind the bar.  Could I just leave it here?”

No. NO! You can’t just leave it there. Imagine if every girl in the place put their purse behind the bar?

One, it’s not that I don’t want to help you.  Ok?  One, I’m busy.  Two, I can’t keep an eye on the purse. Three, there’s no room behind the bar.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been behind a bar, but it’s packed and dirty and there’s liqueur spilled all over the place, and/or soda, and we can’t guarantee the safety of your purse.

So, either put it in the coat check, leave it in the car and just bring some money and ID in with you or hold onto it, or grab a table.

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