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How to Pour Mixed Drinks – Adding Mix and Garnish

Bartending Basics Video Tutorial

How to Pour Drinks | Bartender Pouring Technique

How to Pour Drinks Part 2 – Bartending Basics:  Adding Mix
and Garnish

[Video Transcript] How to Pour Drinks – Adding Mix & Garnish

We do the next one with full mix and ah, the garnish. So again, two glasses. I’m gonna say we have here a vodka water and a vodka cranberry – ok, vodka water, vodka cran. So i grab my shot glasses with one hand. You always want to use two hands. Ok, at all times two hands are doing something.

Ok, so i’m grabbing my shot glass and i’m actually gonna try, we’ll get a little flip going. Ok but, just grab it and turn over at the same time you’re grabbing your bottle from your well. And you’re bringing it up. So 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in. Again 45 degree angle. Cut. Pour in.

Put them both (bottle & shot glass) down. Now I want to grab my [soda] gun. See I have my water on it. Ok, so my gun… but I want to use both hands here instead of crossing over but I’m gonna go water and cranberry. At the same time with my other hand I’m going to grab straws. This [station] is more set up for a left-handed bartender. So first one [drink] is water.

I’m watching, I’m grabbing two straws with my other hand. Ok and the next one is cranberry and I put two straws in. Ok so, I picked up both straws(Click Here to check this product in our barstore) from the container. I split them, put them both in at the same time.pouring mixed drinks - adding mix and garnish

Ok, as I put the gun down, now I’m going to grab the fruit. Ok so, I want to use these two different fruit here and I’ll just show you a lemon and a lime. A vodka cranberry can be garnished with lemon, can be garnished with a lime or sometimes un-garnished. Ok, vodka water, anything light-colored can be garnished with a lemon.

So vodka water, i will put the lemon. And I’m going to split with my fingers, as I bring this up [the lime wedge], it has a slice here, which I show you how to do in another video. It has a slice here, so I’m going to spread it as I’m bringing it up so that I can put it directly on the glass.

Ok, and then touching the bottom of the glass. Do not touch the area where people drink. Ok, do not touch this area with your hands. The bottom of the glass, pick it up and serve it to the customers. Ok, so that’s the full presentation. You probably have some napkins or coasters, this is just a service bar here.

If you haven’t seen the first one, watch HOW TO POUR DRINKS part 1 HERE

Bar Interview Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top bar interview questions you can expect to hear along with a great answer which you can customize to fit your own situation.  This list is a continuation from the bar interview questions and answers on our Bar Interview page.  If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also want to check out our Before the Interview and Interview Follow up pages.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers Cont’d


Bar Interview Questions: A customer complains his beer is flat? What do you do?bar interview questions

The best way to handle a situation like this is to charm the customer right from the start, before the apologies come pouring out. It can be annoying and feel fake to a truly upset customer but defusing the situation by relating to the customer and understanding his frustration will go a long way. Say, “Oh that’s terrible, flat beer is no good, I’ll check the keg and get it fixed. If I can’t fix it immediately, is there another type of beer I can get you?”

Keep in mind the most common reasons for flat beer:  its the bottom of the keg, the beer is ‘off’ or too old, or the glass is dirty causing the carbonation to dissipate too quickly.

Never tell the customer they’re wrong or ask “are you sure?” They will be offended that you are questioning them and you won’t be any closer to a happy customer. If the customer and situation are getting out of hand, tell them that you will get the manager to come over.  This makes the customer feel important as he will get to talk to the “higher ups”.

Bar Interview Questions: Tell me about your previous work experience? or What related skills do you have?

This one is easy. Always find a way to relate your past experience to the job you’re applying for. If you worked at McDonalds for example, you understand the importance of systems, timing and a good work ethic and you’re quick to greet and serve customers. If you worked in retail, again, you’re experienced with greeting customers and helping them find what they want. Share your experiences about answering the phones at work, handling money, and cleaning up after yourself and others. If you’ve ever had a creative idea that your boss used at work, highlight that experience. Maybe you designed the window display at a shop by yourself or suggested a special that really took off. The interviewer will like to hear about your initiative and how your past experiences relate to the job you’re applying for.


Bar Interview Questions: Why did you leave your last job?

If you left your last job for school or because you moved, then this question is pretty easy.  If you got fired or quit because you didn’t like your last job, then it becomes a little harder to answer.  If you got fired, you don’t obviously don’t want to mention that you got fired.  Tell them that you left because:

1.  you found it difficult to work in a place that didn’t have any systems and was very disorganized

2.  you were looking for more hours that they just couldn’t offer

3.  they constantly called you in last minute to cover shifts – up to 3 times / week

4.  you were looking for something a little more fast-paced

5.  the manager wasn’t professional and made sexist comments that made me uncomfortable

6.  they expected me to wear clothing that was just short of being a stripper


Studying the above example bar interview questions will give you a huge advantage over anyone else who may be interviewing for the same job.  Have an answer ready for any question and show confidence and personality and you’ll be hired in no time.

Not enough bar interview questions for you?  Ok, we’ve still got some more on our part 3 of this bar interview questions and answers series, click here.


Bar Interview Questions and Answers

This bar interview questions and answers page is part 3 in our bar interview questions series.  Be sure to check out the first two pages: Bar Interview and Bar Interview Questions to get all our best responses to the bar interview questions you’re bound to hear during your bar interview.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Where do you see yourself in the future?

If you are studying for something in school or have graduated already and plan on entering that field, then tell the interviewer that you love working in the bar industry so much that you plan on continuing working nights and on the weekends even if you get a position in your chosen field.

If you are not planning on getting a “real” job (and we wouldn’t blame you), tell the interviewer that you plan on making a career out of the bar industry and hopefully opening up your own bar sometime in the distant future.  Tell them that you love the industry so much that you can’t see yourself leaving it.

Bar Interview Questions and Answers: How do you make a martini, screwdriver, rusty nail, B-52 shooter etc.?

The interviewer is bound to ask you to name the ingredients in several different popular mixed drinks or cocktails.  Although you don’t need to know hundreds of drinks, you should have a good idea of the most popular drinks served in the bar you’re applying at and how to make them.

bar interview questions and answers


Bar Interview Questions and Answers: Do you have any questions?

Most interviewers will ask you at the end if you have any questions. It’s best to have at least one prepared. If you think of any questions during the interview, jot them down and use them at the end.  You DON’T want to ask about time off, how much your hourly pay is or what kind of vacation time you get.  You need to know that working in the bar industry, you will likely work most holidays and won’t have a set amount of vacation time like in other jobs.


Try asking something like, what are the busiest nights here?  or What kind of special events have you run in the past that were successful for you? or “I’d really like to take a look around the place, would that be ok?” or “Do you have a lot of regular customers that come in or is it a lot of different faces each night?” or “Who are your biggest competitors right now and what do they do differently that brings in customers?”


You are trying to show the interviewer that are interested in not only the position but the bar itself.  You want them to know that, even now during the interview, that you are thinking about ways to bring in more customers.

Make sure that you shine during the bar interview and that you’re prepared for the questions that are bound to be asked of you.  Good luck on your bartending journey….it’s an awesome ride!


How to Order Scotch

How to Order Scotch

It’s good to know how to order scotch whether you like the stuff or not.  It just makes for a more socially well-rounded individual.  Here are some scotch terms that you can learn before you head out to your next fancy event.

Scotch – scotch simply implies that the whisky was produced in Scotland. Other countries that produce whiskies are Ireland, Canada, America and Japan.

Peat – a moss common in Scotland. It is dried and used to fuel the fire to dry the malt. The peat fire gives the scotch a strong smokey aroma and taste. Some scotches are known for being peaty.

Blended Scotch – a bottle containing two different scotch whiskies. Blended scotch tends to be of lower quality.

Single Malt – a single malt scotch is like a purebred. Aged in one barrel and not blended with any other distillery’s whiskies. Although most distilleries do mix different batches of different ages together.

Malt – Malt indicates that barley grains were used during the germination and fermenting process.

Vatted Malt – a blend of single malts. This is done to control and produce specifics and desired flavors.

Age – Indicates the age of maturation of the youngest component in the scotch whisky.

Cask – Scotches are aged in various types of casks or barrels. Consulthow to taste scotch for a full explanation.

Neat – served in a rocks glass at room temperature with no ice.

Rocks – serve with ice cubes. Some scotch connoisseurs may specify how many rocks they’d like.

Water Side or Water Back – served neat with a small glass of water on the side so water can be added to desired taste.

Splash of Water – served neat with a splash of water already poured in. A splash would be approximately half an ounce of liquid.


So now you know if you hear a guy order “Scotch. Neat.” he’s not commenting on how cool it is that the bar carries scotch.  And that’s how to order scotch.


How To Get A Bartender Job

Learning how to get a bartender job is first about finding a place that you – and your personality – will fit in. It’s not about getting a bartending job at the first place that says they’ll hire you